Enjoy the ride


Life? Mine is a collage
A grid of memories good and bad
Gripping grief and paralyzing fear
Sometimes stretching over years
Alas the sun shines the rain clears
A rainbow far but near appears
No pot of gold at the end for this is life
A life without room for fairy tales
Only room for joy sadness and strife

Sometimes the truth is brutal
Its blows always unrelenting
It’s better to roll with the punches
This I learn later but it’s crucial
Because the soft pillows that are lies can beget resentment
Resentment then breeds a passion for hatred
When hatred meets a hot head then we create the same mess
But like they say life is vanity so then all this could be senseless

All good things come to an end so to some death is a bless
But not all life was good so what end does it come to?
These are the thoughts that come to mind
When I’m lost flying blind trying to find sight
And probably the meaning and secret to life
Like in the end will it be something that was worth the fight?
You tell me. Not now though, cause I’m enjoying the ride


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