Not a Time Bomb

time bomb

He lied he loved, she fell for it;
She gave it all; he took it from another;
He played them both, a game well played;
It’s only love sweetie, not a time bomb! 

She loved his rhythm, but hers too;
He tried to join, they wouldn’t allow;
Left out he felt, from a unique experience;
Man up dude, its only love not a time bomb!

A list he had, of his ‘accomplishments’;
In her dark world she had hers too;
Their lusts cross, who played a better game?
This one hmmmh, it actually sounds like a time bomb!

She cooks and cleans, she works too;
He lazes around, Espn and super sport- select;
She needs a man; she’s been one for too long;
There’s no time bomb, just love got her working late!

A flashy life, they all want;
Sacrifices they are willing to pay!
“…sio sabuni, take one for the team bae,” he sacrifices her;
No time bomb in sight, juuust love, aight?

She wonders about the other, and the other about the other;
A beautiful line up he has, gotta commend his taste;
On that one bed they’ve had their turn, a reunion sounds like a plot;
That’d be one heck of an o..y, I mean party.

Can my words cry

Its only love, not a time bomb!!!


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