How my lost ATM card was a blessing in disguise


You know how they say patience is a virtue? Well, patience has never been my strong suit and right about now it is paying off. It was a Thursday the one before the Easter holidays and I made my way to an establishment eager to spend a few shillings. The place was full – trust Kenyans to bank on long weekends to drink up. Never mind that it was a religious holiday. I asked one chap why he was drinking instead of going to church and he eyed me carefully before replying:

“Church? So they can take my money and buy range rovers? No, not me. Jesus turned water into wine so I will give my money to the bar because it is more blessed than the pulpit and is spirit filled.”

I laughed so hard I bought the guy a round. I mean he did have a point. It is at such points in life that you realize there’s so much wisdom in the places you would least expect. This has made me more open to having conversations with drunks, junkies, mad men and the occasional hooker. But all that is for another day.

The night wasn’t supposed to be one of those wild ones, no; it was a chill evening in good company and a few drinks. (Or is it in good company and a few friends?) Nothing out of the ordinary happened and I headed home. The shock came in the morning when I was going through my pockets. I could not seem to find my ATM card. I searched through all the crooks and crannies of my room but nothing. This is when frustration begins setting in and desperation sinks. I went to the refrigerator just in case I had dropped it when I walked in the previous night to get a bottle of water. By this point I knew my efforts were futile – the card was gone.

I started imagining a life without one – okay I am being dramatic but you know how it takes 10 working days to get the card replaced? That is a long time. Being a holiday, a really long one, the banks were closed. It was now a waiting game. I did not have much money on me thanks to the previous night and my mobile money balance was just enough to sustain me for two weeks minus the fun. I started imagining a life without beer and I could feel my liver cringe – or maybe it jumped with joy. Either way it did something livers don’t normally do and that’s my point.

The weekend swiftly passed though and I applied for a new card right after blocking the first one. The first weekend after the holiday was quickly approaching and I knew the only way to make the best out of it was to line up at the bank and make an OTC withdrawal. Given my busy work schedule the only time I have for this is lunch hour. The lines at this time are insane. I’m guessing it is the only time guys have as well. I hate lines. No, I detest them. Sometimes I think that when I die and there’s a longer line for havens gate I’ll gladly go to hell – yes, it’s that bad.

So I decide it is not worth the time and head back to the office. This did not happen once but a couple of times and now it is mid month and my account has remained untouched. I am feeling quite accomplished even though it was a force of circumstance. Either way, I have made quite substantial savings and I am thinking of neglecting the ATM card and working through towards the end of the month. Now that’s some money sense.


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