One in a million

She doesn’t know that everything has a price tag.
How could she when she sees all the things she can’t have.
Her friends tell her to get a sponsor
She says she already has one that’s paying for her college
They laugh she’s naive they like that She’s the virgin at the brothel
She wants the nice clothes heels to pair and the hotels and party all night
So She cries at night and curses the father that couldn’t provide
Deep down a voice silently calms her tells her it’ll be alright
Stick to your guns young girl soon your sun shall rise
But an even deeper voice shouts and screams it’s not worth it if it’s not right now
Look at your peers look how they live with reckless abandon and call it YOLO
Do you know they call you the girl that came from ushago?
With your plaid skirts rubber shoes and flowery blouses
Tin lotions vaseline tubs they even suspect you lived in mud houses
Show them girl that you’re as wild as them tomorrow you can start by skipping classes

Hers is an inner battle that no one sees the calm that deceives the swimmer on the depth of the sea
She’s on edge about to lose her mind her books are getting harder to find
Last night she went out had her first drink danced the night away
What she saw was a group of girls that had signed their life away
To fun money and great sex but she didn’t know that’s what they all said
One again she felt upset she wasn’t there yet time took its time
The inner voice this time cried young girl make it last don’t chase the high
These are just things in life that you have to let pass you by
Yes it’s fun once in a while but don’t lose your ground and live a lie
An even deeper voice shouted and screamed remember how it was mad real
Remember the dancing the head rush the approval remember how it all feels
Don’t give that up this is what it means to really live
Do you want them to continously think you’re a good for nothing prude
How about jude I think he liked you don’t you like him too
He doesn’t think you’re uncouth he thinks your cool
It’s all up to you young girl you know what you have to do

What would you do if you were the young girl if you had to walk a mile in her shoes
What voice would you listen to what advice would you choose
When living a lie is more beautiful than the truth
It’s easy to judge people on decisions they made call them fools
When all they ever wanted was to be like you cool hip and rocking everything new

This young girl didn’t know what to do she didn’t have any one to turn to
Somehow she had ben convinced that what she was doing she knew
She lived a double life one was the good girl and the bad one was two
Thought she could strike a balance and pull it through
Until she had to make a choice like we all have to do
It wasn’t too late she hadn’t sunk in she was floating on the still waters
The calm before the storm the inner voice told her
She pulled through she found her inner soldier
The fighter that always was there to hold her
Now she’s a degree holder struggling like the rest
But she understands the power of passing the test
She realized some things she may never have but there’s no price on what she upheld
Congratulations young girl you’re one in a million.


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