Mwende is Betrothed

Have you ever been to Machackos? Put your hands down if the only time you went there was for the debauchery in the name of rugby events. You were probably intoxicated on some bottom shelf cheap rate vodka that goes for around ksh 520 a bottle and were passed out in the back seat of a Toyota fielder for half the time only getting up to gyrate to some equally intoxicated ill – dressed lady.

A while back, pre-Governor, Machackos was an untamed town. It had the potential to flourish and it gave you this feeling that anything could happen. Tales would come in whispers from the morning breeze down Mombasa road and hit you in the morning caressing your ears speaking of this new night club that you just had to try. But it had more to offer. You see, now the place has an air of sophistication much like that lady, the banker, who wears designer power suits and looks like Olivia Pope and wields a sleek note 4 in hand always typing away like it’s something important. For some reason you know that if you got hold of her phone and figured out the pass code which you imagine would be some corny date you’d go through her messages and find out miss sophisticated banker mama fell for an ordinary Joe. The guy that thinks a date at Sonford is dinner and sends her those forwarded love texts that were probably generated by a computer program developed by a three year old Chinese genius protégé deep in Guangzhou province. So you don’t believe the hype and you want to meet her unsophisticated sister that no one ever talks about. She’s popular for only one thing her looks but in this case her food. We all know you cannot make a trip to Machackos and not devour the famous t.tot samosas this as a Nigerian would say Abomination oooooh.

We hit the road this time with the resolve to find out more about this older sister. We watched as the buildings flew past until soon they were further apart and green shrubs made up for much of the scenery.  Machackos was slowly coming into the rear-view as we made our way to Kathiani. The radio got a little fuzzy and the guy on the other end sounded like he was talking over a two way radio. What would have made it perfect would be him saying over and out every time the static hit and make us feel like undercover policemen going for a stake out.  You know the cool kind where you bust doors open guns blazing and yell FREEZE! (Or maybe go with the Bruce Willis type – a – vibe and say yippee ka yeey m**********r) but he didn’t so we put it off.


Now I don’t remember what the name of the road was but we got to a junction and took a left. The black tarmac coiled around the hill snaking its way up to the top. That’s when I caught a glimpse of her shoulder. She was one of the most beautiful hills you have ever seen I christened her Mwende. Mwende was sun kissed and covered with green – by green I mean leaves and grass not those notes you would find at a go-go joint down in Miami as she bursts it open for a real G. I could almost smell her earthy skin. She was shy I could tell, maybe she heard about us city types that lived dangerously. She was intrigued but knew to keep her distance. We had to go out and get her.


The roads wound up the hill and made you crane your neck in anticipation. The beautiful land scales spread for kilometers on end and each turn was a new experience.  The drive was like a wedding night just as the groom goes through layers of wedding dress to get to the honey pot. Every moment we had bated breath and pumped up adrenaline. We knew that one slip of the wheel and we’d find ourselves slipping into oblivion crashing into the rocks below and disappearing like waves do with the corals down at the coast. Then we saw her face she smiled coyly and turned away it was inviting. She wanted to see how far we’d go to get her. Not giving up we revved up the hill taking the corners as they came each time catching just a glimpse of her she would look back smile and beckon us to come some more. We were now in her world it was beautiful. The sounds of crawlies happily enticing her as she strung as along played in our ears ever so often we’d slide open the sunroof and pop out like those miroz do in brown vans at the tsavo and we’d let the burst shot function do its thing. Now here is how you know a lady is beautiful – no matter what angle you take the picture from it could even be her goddamn knee it looks amazing. This was her for you beautiful. Finally she stopped. We stared at her magnificence. She was the perfect lady poised with flowers placed gently on her hair. Far from her sophisticated sister, Mwende won many hearts including mine. Sadly she is betrothed – she belongs to mother nature no one man can claim her. The way down was the longest as we bid our goodbyes. But we will be back one day. We will be back maybe this time introduce Mwende to the Travelstart Blogger Experience Competition. 



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