The Paradigm [Excerpt]

fiery sunsetWhen dusk sets in I have to lock the doors. The clicking sound brings me comfort. I find safety in it, maybe I am paranoid. Maybe I am just another man living in a shell. She cannot know about this though, her presence strikes fear. The sound of her shoes as she walks across the marble floors sends chills down my spine. I do not feel safe anymore. Somebody please come and get me out.

I have become a stranger to our bed. The warm covers do nothing to end the shivering. I can no longer sleep. I am always up. I have this feeling that there is a threat looming over me, a dark and sinister threat. A threat dressed in fine silky lingerie. This relationship that has sucked the life out of me wasn’t all gloomy. Things were once rosy.

We met at a party we were the perfect strangers. She was the beautiful maiden in a long flowing black dress, red stilettos and a scruffy sleeveless denim jacket. She was odd in a beautiful way. My mind liked her, my eyes liked her and my body wanted her. I walked over, almost stumbling over a step stool on the heavy carpeted floor. She might have noticed this, but she swears she didn’t. She was too preoccupied with the snobbish types that had their noses pointed up in the air like retriever dogs trying to catch a scent.

The black lapel to my white tuxedo simmered with the lights from the crystal chandelier. I admit I was looking dapper. However, I felt uncomfortable. Deep down I knew this wasn’t me. But sometimes you dress up for these corporate events hoping to dip your hands into the deep pockets of these snooty type.  I hated myself for almost stumbling, the perfect way to ruin a first impression. I did not want to come off us clumsy, at least not now.

The music was low as the sounds of the bass guitar blended with the sweet melodies of the saxophone seemed to set the air on fire. A few people moved to the rhythm with most of them clasping their champagne flutes and chuckling to their significant others not so significant jokes. The pretence was thick, I almost gagged.

Stretching my hand out to her I said hi. Her stare was long and cold, she turned away from me – her long and graceful neck. I could see the blood rushing through her jugular as it pulsated with the rhythm of the music. I slightly tapped her on the shoulder looking for something smart to say. I said I hated snobs – she smirked took a second look at me. This was it, we were about to have the conversation of our lives – at least that is what I had learned from watching too many movies. However, she did the unthinkable – she slapped me, hard!

“Never call me that!” she snapped

“I’m sorry” she continued

“My name is Annie” “I’m not a snob”

She did not take it too kindly been bundled with the rest of these tight-assed heirs. The hot feel of her hand on my cheek was still vivid. Much like the bright streak of red that dots the sky at dusk. I did not catch her name. It was my turn to walk away.

“Who’s the snob now?” she retorted.

I should have walked away when I had the chance. But she was beautiful, snappy, witty and smart. There was no way I could walk away from that. Girls want a knight in shining armor, but no one ever asks what the guy wants. We all assume they want the blond who’s all boobs, ass and no brains. Wrong, we want brains. We want someone that will blow our mind away when we converse – yes converse, not talk. She was my fair maiden in a denim jacket. An angel sent from heaven – what I didn’t know was that she was on her way to hell.

That same night we had what might have been the most awkward conversation but interesting all the same.

“I’m not your type” she said

“What is my type?” I asked

“Dark hair, heavy horn rimmed spectacles, bespoke blazer and a fetish for hard slaps”

Subconsciously I touched my cheek, I could still feel the streak of her fingers painfully linger. I looked up at her and smiled.

“Like that guy” I said pointing into the direction of some bloke

She laughed.

“What is your type?” she asked


“I don’t have a type. Brains will do I guess”

“Oh and softer hands” I added

She laughed again. Yes, she laughed. It was mesmerizing, her eyes danced with the lights. I was hooked without even having to be baited. Like a bad drug, addicted the first time I used. She was bad, bad for me and bad for us. She made me better than worse. It doesn’t even make sense. Nothing did, it was all too random too fast.

“something I am currently working on. This here is just an excerpt.”


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