How the story goes

“So, tell me was it everything you ever dreamed of?” Went of Madge.


Madge was dark, short and plump. Her hair was cut close to skull and dyed a shade of red you only see in the soils of central Kenya. She had on a white chiffon blouse not fully buttoned exposing a lacy bra that hugged her massive breasts. Her lips were full and luscious, she had on some carefully applied lipstick that was the same color as her hair. She wasn’t the traditional definition of sexy but she had something about her. Maybe it was her raspy voice, or the way she swung her voluptuous hips when she walked or maybe it was her personality. She was somewhat appealing and she knew it.

Letting out a deep sigh Janet looked lost to the world smiling to herself. Her checks flushed a shade of pink and she beamed.

“Yes, and much much more.” Replied a rather distant Jane.  

Her voice was almost a hushed whisper. She was too excited.

Jane was the opposite of Madge. She was tall, light and had long legs, really long legs. She always wore thigh high stocking paired with a matching set of heels. She had a thin but smooth face and her cheek bones were quite prominent. Her eyes were pearly and dreamy, her long lashes seemed to fuel this illusion and her hair fell lusciously on her shoulders.  Taking a sip from the mug before her Jane intently looked at Madge. They were at a coffee house along Kimathi Street. It was quite empty for a Sunday afternoon and Jane was having her traditional latte with two shots of espresso no sugar.  Madge on the other hand was having a milkshake, a chocolate one.

“Tell me more” said Madge, her eyes widening with excitement.

“Well,” started Jane “He’s as good as he looks” Jane seemed to pause for effect or maybe she was lost in nostalgia from last night’s escapades.  Her cheeks flushed again.

“C’mon out with it” urged Madge

Jane giggled and took a sip from her cup. She eyed Madge playfully and shook her head.

“I can’t, at least not here” she whispered.

The two girls giggled as they went on about their usual banter. Until Madge took out her phone to text a ‘special friend’..

“Give me a minute” said Madge cutting off Jane mid story

“Who are you texting?” Asked Jane feigning being offended.

“My Sunday plan” chuckled Madge

They both burst out laughing

“I wish you were there last night. You might have liked him.” Said Jane to no one in particular sipping on her latte as Madge furiously typed away.

Tom was just waking up. He’d had a crazy weekend and his head was heavy. He cursed alcohol as he dragged his way into the bathroom. Opening the faucet he let the cold water run for a while before lowering his cupped hands filling them and splashing it on his face. It felt refreshing, he could still smell her. That lady he was with last night. He couldn’t remember her name and it didn’t matter as he never planned on seeing her again. She had this lingering flowery smell that seemed to adhere to fabric. Looking into the mirror his chiseled jaws broke into a smile as he remembered that her clothes weren’t the only thing scented. A piercing bolt through his skull brought him back, he needed to take some painkillers.

Walking into the kitchen, he noticed how his one bedroom apartment wasn’t big enough. It barely took him three strides to clear the bathroom and saunter into the kitchen. He made a mental note to move, at the back of his mind he knew size wasn’t the issue. Tom was a womaniser he was probably scared one too many females knew where he lived.  That was scary. For some reason as he watched the kettle come to boil his thoughts drifted to that lady. She was tall, slender and had long legs, really long legs. That night she wore a red dress that hugged her lithe frame exposing her well toned, appealing curves. The dress ended a few inches above her knees and she had on black thigh high leggings – which later in the night he discovered were crotchless. Her black heels were elegant and didn’t have the unnecessary bedazzle like silver atrocities most  women had. Hers were simple and elegant, which a few drinks later he learnt were Louboutin’s. The kettle snapped him back to the present when it went off. He poured the hot water into a mug with powdered instant coffee, adding two spoons of sugar he stirred vigorously before downing the liquid.  It seemed to sooth his aching body. At that moment his phone buzzed into life.

The name ‘Madge’ flashed across the screen. He smiled to himself. He knew what it was she wanted. He didn’t particularly like her but seemed to enjoy the warmth of her bossom every once in a while – which happened to be on Sundays. He typed back a reply giving a time and put his phone away as he went back to sleep. He got into bed pushing away the thoughts of last night’s lady. After all he was not one to linger.


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