Again and Again

[Another one by Prissy]


I sit, I will sit to narrate, and if I stand I will stand to sing. If I bend, I’ll whisper a prayer and if curl up in a ball, I’d be suppressing the pain. If I cracked my knuckles it would be in preparation for a fight and if I closed my eyes, I’d do so to dream
If I sat down, I’d narrate a story, a story of love. I’d be from the bottom of my heart! A story about a man.
A simple man that loved me when I had everything that he didn’t have. Yes! Everything he didn’t have! From the luxurious up bringing, to many friends. He didn’t have a phone let alone a smart one. Yet he still loved me.
He didn’t bare the sins I did, nor the shame of my actions. He wouldn’t perish for he was not a mortal, yet his love for me was like no other.

If I stood, I’d sing! Sing from the bottom of my heart! I’d fill up my alveoli with air, enough to finish my song.
I’d sing about a man, yes! A man. Who came into my life n did more, than just giving me a smile.

I would sing about love, a greater gift than all. A love that is patient, and yes patients pay,but this payment not surpassing the kindness of a warm heart.  A warm heart whose owner doesn’t boast about his power over me. Over the whole of me,from the tip of my hairs to the sole of my feet, from my inside out, every inch of me.

His pride is not in dis honouring me, nor in feeling good about himself and his accomplishment of making me fall head over heels in love with him.
I see this, yes I do! Every time I wrong him he gently reassuringly and protectively holds my hand and tells me that it’s okay. It doesn’t matter the magnitude of my wrong, He is always right beside me!

He shows a love so honest that the use of protection aka trust is not needed. He trusts me to be faithful yet I fail many times. So many times that I feel hope less in this!

Persevering every step for me he holds me close to him never letting me go off him till the very end of this.
If I bend, I’ll whisper a prayer. A prayer to his father, many thanks in order. Not in any particular order, but an order he gave!

An order he gave for the death of this man, the man I love.
His love was above all in the land and so down he went, not one knee. But to get a key,a key to our new home.
Up he rose,he rose in new love. His rising evoking a scent greater than that of a rose.

If I curl up, it’d be to suppress a pain. A pain of his suffering. A pain so plainly caused by two nails. Two 6inch nails that couldn’t send him 6feet under. So they tried a third, to hold his feet. Thinking that this would prevent his fleet.

When all these failed, they crowned him king. King with a crown of thorns, yes he wasn’t thor and wasn’t king over thunder but all that was under. Under the clouds, under his home and under his own power he surrender to them.
They struck his side with a spear, like a drill strikes oil. His wasn’t no black gold, but blood gold.

As it fell to the ground he took his last breath! A breath that would make me,make us live forever! 
If I cracked my knuckles, it’d be in preparation for a fight. A fight that’d give me flight. Flight to my new home.
I’d do this with all my might, take up a punch to my sight for if It’d make me not reach my home then it wasn’t worth the time.

The time had come for me to fight for my man! Yes the man I loved. I had lost my mind in worthless deeds. On things I called needs but were only weeds and reeds tying me up, capsizing my boat.
As I fight I loathe the thought of a loss. And so I swing back, I swing so hard that I uproot the weeds n reeds that I thought were needs. I clean up my deeds.
If I close my eyes, I dream. I dream of a reunion with the man I love. We’d sit and share, stand and sing, curl up in love, bend in worship, crack up jokes and close our eyes to take it all in.

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