It better work


Borrowed the concept from Jowal Jones. Coming up with a story around the picture and it could only be 350 words give or take a few – only because it’s hard to follow rules.

No one noticed the bird perched on the branch outside the French windows. Everyone was out to have fun – drink and have sex with strangers. Save for a few aristocrats, they were the law and had an image to preserve.
But, with such kind they have a penchant for danger, dancing with the devils and partaking in the bread of the perverse. They were easy to blackmail – if you knew how to.  Parties were in plenty and this one aristocrat was taking off the undies on a hot gorgeous blonde. The bird whirred as its lens zoomed in recording the whole thing oblivious of the fanfare celebrations on the street. On the other end on a tiny screen a man in dark glasses grinned – a sinister green as he let out a billow of steam from his long black cig.


“Shake it for papa” an old man shouted to a lady dancing to dirty Diana, popping out her Nether with her hands tightly holding onto the pole.

He had on thin silver round framed glasses with one lens thicker. It glowed red – it was an X-ray device. Legend around the club had it that he lost his eye during a dog fight, he went against two pit bulls and won. Some say he was a spy and had a surgery to get the lens installed in his cornea but the surgeon was drunk and ended up destroying the whole eye. He had clammy skin, it looked like a snakes shed skin. He wore a long gray coat that covered most of his slender body and large brown boots.

Another man walked in smoking a long black pipe that gave off steam instead of smoke. He had a limp in his step. He walked and sat directly opposite the red-eyed man and grinned. He too had a large gray coat and dark glasses on. He let out a billow of steam and stares at the dancing girl.

“Scram you little piece of shit” his voice billowed

The girl scurried off the table leaving her lingerie on the ground. The music was still playing as the red eyed man laughed – breaking into a cough. He reached inside his coat and pulled out a bird like contraption.

“Is that it?” the tall guy asked

“What does it look like?” fired the red eye guy

“You’ll have to dress it up a bit” he continued

“It better work!”

“Oh, I bet you it will” the red eye guy replied with a sinister grin on his face.


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