He doesn’t go to waste

Source: fashion infusion
Source: fashion infusion

The story goes that there is a man around town with a wagging tongue.

Wet with deception and sweet lies, he finds his prey and in bed they lie.

He became so good he doesn’t try all he does is flash his smile.

Husbands warned their wives, mothers warned their daughters and girls dared their friends.

Who would put an end to this mad man’s escapades?

He takes the blame but he knows that in this town that’s how the story goes.

How many he has put down he cannot count.

His face is known and his actions scream loud.

Louder than the yes and oh yes from last night’s round.

But he has a secret that others are yet to find.

You see the women are angry and speak in hushed tones

You’ll see them in the market and bars downing a fast one

They will heave and puff till their chests burst out of their bras

Not mad that he forced his way

Only mad because they couldn’t tame a stray

That night one more will fall to his philandering ways

The town will realize that he is a problem that’s there to stay

But he isn’t the problem they know it all too well

The women just succumb to their insatiable craze

And they know it’s a shame to put a good man to waste


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