They are here

“Is it normally like this?” Sandra asked.

Her hand was stretched out pointing to the thick mist that was settling from the east. This was not something she was used to – besides it was 2 P.M in the afternoon.

“No, I’ve never seen that before. It’s strange.” Replied Anna

Both girls had on short floral dresses. The kind you’d wear to a picnic or a youth service at the local church or to a casual meet with the in-laws over brunch.  Anna had a blue dress while Sandra had a pink one. They were both short but had nice legs. People often mistook them for sisters.

“What do you think it is?” Asked Sandra

“Maybe it’s just the weather being bitchy, it’s been having mood swings of late.”

A light flashed across the now dimming sky and there was a low rumble. The rumble was weird, it wasn’t thunder it was more mechanical. Like cog wheels slowly grinding against each other in a magnetic field. People started coming out of their houses looking perplexed. They’d stare into the looming mist and some would squint their eyes.

“Do you see it?” An old man shouted.

He ran back into his house and slam the door shut. He created a bit of uneasiness among the now gathering crowds. Feet scuffled and there were a few gasp as people retreated into their homes. A few got into their cars and reversed out of the driveway getting out of town. No one knew what they were running away from but there was something mystic about the mist.

Anna held Sandra’s hand tightly and tugged her to follow. They walked briskly down the street to Anna’s house. They shut the door behind them and went straight into the kitchen.

“What are you doing?” Asked Sandra

“You ask a lot of questions” replied Anna

She reached beneath the counter and pulled out a step stool. She placed it in front of the cabinets and got on top of it opening the last drawer to her right. Inside there was a whole variety of cereals. She pushed them aside and reached for a small red box. Carefully pulling it out, she stepped down and lay it on the table. Sandra gave her an inquisitive look but she didn’t have to ask questions as Anna flipped the two latches and the lid swung open. Sandra’s mouth wide open she gasped and quickly put her hand over her mouth.

“Where did you get that?” she asked

“You ask too many questions.” Replied Anna

She took the small black gun and loaded five bullets into the chamber before stuffing it in the shallow pockets of her blue dress. The neighborhood was now quiet, the lights flickered for a bit and they went off. Save for the rustling of leaves outside and the distant roar of engines making their way out of town it was still.

“What’s happening?” Asked Sandra

“They’re here.” Came the reply.


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