The Wine Cellar| Best Seller

cellarTear stain her pretty face as she cries the night away in the cover of darkness

Life, cruel and strife with sadness is her sad reality she stares into the wall

The dark wall that stares back offering no comfort no solace

Her stains come clean, fresh streaks wash them away her face is wet

Her face to her palms her palms in her knees memories playing back to back

It was sudden, too fast, too real and now? Just darkness, the room and her soul

The sun once shone through her windows and her smile graced the world

Love hard, love fast, love true, love full she told anyone that cared to listen

You have one life live it to the fullest any chance you’re given

She preached her wine and drunk it too loved the feeling

Her life? Was one worth living one worth giving to others

But with sun there’s sky, with sky cloud,  with cloud rain

With rain water, with water growth, with growth pain

Things changed life wasn’t the same

Not a guy, not a love story with a bad ending

Hers is a story not worth telling not a best seller

All she needs is a cry, the darkness and eeriness of a wine cellar

Unleash her demons but all she got is a room with curtains drawn

The lonely company of a darkened wall and troubled soul

A cold blade on the side that she hopes will take her home


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