Rainy Day Rainy Day

You’re looking out of the window over your laptop and it’s gray. The sky is a dull gray that fades into nothingness all the way into the horizon. There’s a few telecommunication masts and trees that dot the view. You can see the purple jacaranda leaves in between rooftops and the occasional lone bird flying in solace. It has been raining, and what that means is that finally the city slows down. Next to your desk is a hot cup of coffee. There’s the steady tap of keyboards with people in their various stages of workflow. But, there’s always that one guy that’s on Facebook chatting up some lass. You don’t blame him, the cold is upon us and he is looking out for himself. Then there’s the likes of you. Stealing office time and banging away a piece. You have this straight look on your face it borders on stern. You seem to be typing that long overdue report. I’m sorry, not today.

It is finally raining in the city. The earth is wet and paths are muddy. You get stepped on by strangers in the matatu and you have to scurry at the slightest hint of rain. Women are walking around in knee high boots and denim jeans and shower caps at the ready in the hand bag. It’s like the wait for the rain to show off that shower cap that the bought at that shop next to the guy that sells shoes. It’s cute you should see it, she will tell you. Like you know anything about shower caps or their cuteness. But nevertheless you will smile and profess your undying willingness to see the cap.

There is a tension in the city, not the kind that you get when you find the missus home calmly waiting for your drunk ass with a look that could send Bruce back to the surgeon to stick back his balls. The tension here is like waiting to find out if it is a girl or a boy. Rain means good things are coming. Even if it floods, and you get late to work because of traffic there’s something about rain. You wear that hoodie, or sweatshirt over your work clothes and no one bothers you. There’s a silence that forces you to listen. You listen to yourself, you listen to your heart beat, and you listen to the city. When it rains the city talks.

It reminds you how lonely you are when you see couples hurdled with each other under an umbrella sharing an embrace and exchanging kisses. It brings people together and the coffee houses all seem to be full. The lighting is warm and laughter fills the place. No one is in a hurry anymore – you can’t get anywhere with the traffic – and no one is too busy. When it rains you are afraid of power blackouts so your phone stays in the pocket and the data is off. You finally take the time to appreciate other people’s company, the sights and sounds of the city.

The cold weather forces you to look at yourself. You notice how distant you’ve become to your partner and how it must hurt. You mend fences you show them that side of you that they fell in love with. You bring warmth back into their lives and you laugh together. You enjoy the rain and the solitude. You hold each other’s hands and stand under the same umbrella. You text sincere goodnights and add a ‘keep warm’ just to make them smile. Everything seems surreal. When the rain stops you long to hear the sound of birds and the pitter patter of drops from roof tops. You want to see that first ray of sunlight pierce through the grayness.

Finally when the sun shines it’s like the beginning of a new dawn. You feel refreshed, like you’re from a long hot shower. There’s a rejuvenation it brings. You give things your all. Until the sun beats you down. You find yourself longing for the rain again. You want it to make things better. Without knowing it you live for rainy days.


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