I am Afraid

I am afraid I am no longer funny

I am afraid that words have lost their luster

I am afraid that this might be the last words written in a long time

I am afraid that I can’t define what defines me

I am afraid of many things, eight legged freaks and the likes

Snakes send chills down my spine

I am afraid I will never be fine

I am afraid I have a dark spot in my soul that spreads

Its cold fingers prying the warmth from my heart

It’s icy mist clouding my vision

I am afraid I cannot see my future anymore

I am afraid I might not even have a future

I am afraid people will see through my eyes and see nothing

I am afraid I am falling in love

I am afraid I will give a cold heart

I am afraid I will have no love to give back

I am afraid to be loved

I am afraid that these fears don’t scare me

I am afraid that of all the things I could lose I might lose hope

I am afraid that after finding myself I will find I am a lost cause

I am afraid that even after admitting that I am an ass hole

I will be the guy still trying to get a round even after the last call

In light I plainly hide and lie like a lioness waiting on prey

I am afraid that the wind will carry all the things people behind my back say

I am afraid that they might be true

That even after walking a mile or ten in my shoe

They will say we could have still done it better than you

You could have been better you really could

You should have been sorry you really should

I am afraid they will be right

I am afraid I will brush them off be nasty and crude

I am afraid that finally I will have no more options left to choose

Nothing else left to do but to brood and lose my mind

Trying to understand why the earth has my kind

Trying to figure out if life has been worth my while

I am afraid if given a second chance I wouldn’t give it another try



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