Let Love: The Poem Girl

Meet Quin, the poem girl.


I’ll sing not songs of the young
But of old, christened with kayambas,drums and shakers
I’ll wear jangles on my feet and wrap my hair with a scarf
For today I’ve got news we’ve wanted in years
I am pregnant my love
I have us growing in me
I have felt not her rotate,but she’s here

Put not a particular song my love
For my joy can not be contained by certain beats and words
My feet can not move to paces of systems
Tonight will be random my love
Hit in angles and styles that only the young can
For tonight, we are creating the world

Lend me not beauty of mascara and lipstick
For in the morning you’ll still see the traces of saliva on my cheeks
And you’ll kiss me like you did in the dance night at Sheba
Where my thighs met in dance and your feet brought the light

It’s been forever since I called you my love
Difficult woman I am but you’ve never raised your hand
Oh king of my heart!let my acts not deceive thee
For in your house I’ll want to dine each night
Coughing and crying from the stink of stove smoke
Teasing, kissing and sleeping on your chest that don’t hit the gym

Source: Dark Beauty Mag

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