Movie Review: The Perfect Guy


Leah is your typical independent strong black woman who has been in a long relationship with David. However, Dave doesn’t see the need to settle and/or make things official. For a woman in her position Leah sees this as a waste of time and decides to call it quits. Enter Carter, a guy she meets randomly at a bar and soon kick something off.

It’s a whirlwind affair and Leah thinks she’s found the perfect guy. She even goes ahead to introduce him to her parents, something she’d never done with Dave. All her friends are green eyed at her love life and the next stop as she sees it is the altar. You know how they say someone will come along in your life that will make everything you’ve been through worthwhile? This was it for Leah, Carter was that someone.

It’s all peaches and Roses until an incident leaves Leah shocked. There’s a side to Carter she had not known existed. An ugly side, a violent one. The incident shakes the entire fabric of their relationship and Leah decides to give it a break. Carter will have none of it and is constantly on her tail. Leah scared for her life goes to the police to get a restraining order.

With his background in IT and jealousy driven rage, Carter somehow gets Leah suspended at work. He becomes a major factor in her life as he begins to destroy it. Leah is left with only one option – take care of matters. She gets unsolicited advice from detective Hansen.  Finally her nightmare comes to an end.

The perfect guy starts out as your normal romance movie but has a surprising twist. It’s one to definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. So the next time you meet your perfect guy…


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