Hotel Transylvania 2: Movie Review

hotel transylvania 2The sequel to hotel Transylvania came out and I must admit it was nothing like I had expected. The first part of the movie set the bar pretty high, with inter monster humor (I don’t know if that is a thing but let’s say it is.) Jonathan, a hip backpacker loses his way in the forests of Transylvania and finds himself at a hotel. The only thing is that this is a hotel for monsters, explicitly no humans allowed.

As fate or the script would have it he meets Mavis, a young beautiful vampire, the only daughter to Dracula. Dracula has a deep rooted hate for humans, it’s rightfully placed as well, as they were responsible for the death of his wife – his Zing. Jonathan bumps into this hotel just as Mavis’s birthday approaches. He becomes crucial in the planning deviating from the old Dracula boring way.

The two hit it off and during the party they zing. A human and a vampire, who would’ve guessed? Dracula against the union tries to make Jonathan leave but all this does is make Mavis sad. After all, legend has it you can only zing once. Dracula takes it upon himself to get Jonathan back. He is willing to sacrifice his hate and fear of humans for the sake of his daughter’s happiness.

Fast forward to the sequel and the movie starts with the two wedding. It’s a normal wedding save for the in-laws who are humans. Married life starts and Mavis and Jonathan get a kid, Dennis(ovich). Dracula has high hopes that the kid will turn into a vampire. Mavis on the other hand finds that the hotel is no place to raise a kid. She thinks it’s dangerous and the fact that Dennis hasn’t ‘fanged’ yet means that he might be human. The plan? They want to move.

Dracula won’t hear any of it and in old fashion employs tactics to delay their move in hopes Dennis(ovich) fangs. This causes strife between them – Mavis and Dracula – Mavis decides the move is final and is set to happen after Dennis’s birthday. The birthday doubles up as a farewell party and Mavis decides to invite Vlad – her grandpa. Vlad is anti-human, hates them and steals their souls with the help of his evil minions. An interesting addition to the sequel.

This is one movie for you and the kids. If you’re like me and don’t have kids get your nieces and nephews and watch it. The story line is brilliant and the cast brings out their characters in a way you can relate and understand each of them. Grab a blanket, hog the couch and pop some corn.



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