Movie Monday: Daredevil Netflix Series

Being a Kenyan the only comic I’ve ever been truly a fan of was Babu. Remember it? That naughty kid that would steal oranges or mangoes from a neighbor’s compound? The kid that had run-ins with the neighborhood’s bully and had witty tactics to get out of those sticky situations? It was a pull out in one of the newspapers. You don’t remember? How old are you again?

Kids these days are reading hulk, the amazing spider man, justice league and even ben 10. I never really understand ben ten. But kids seem to love him. He has a fancy watch and it allows him to change into a superhero whenever he wants. Okay, now I understand. Who wouldn’t want to turn into a slimy green alien on command?  But comics are evolving, they are no longer children friendly. Matter of fact, I don’t think children have been the target market for such unless grown babies count.

Imagine you’re a kid, nine years old and you are involved in an accident, while pushing an old man out of the way, with a truck ferrying dangerous chemicals. You’re a hero, people say. But the accident leaves you blind. The chemicals interfere with your nervous system or whatever and you get heightened senses. Things like hearing heart beats from blocks away and sensing the changes in temperature variation in a room. Your eyes don’t work but you see more than you’ve ever seen when you had sight.

You grow up in a city that’s full of crime and bad people. The normal super hero story. Vengeance and a passion to see a better tomorrow fill your heart and you decide to take matters in your own hands. Of course some training you received as a child from some old blind guy comes in handy. But what’s a super hero without a normal life? So you become a lawyer, how convenient.

The city you love and protect doesn’t love you back. You are labelled a vigilante an enemy of the people. The very people hurting the town have painted this image while they are looked up to as saints. You feel it’s time to draw the line, maybe retire but you’re fighting for the greater good.  You will do whatever it takes to save the city.

This is the life of Matthew Murdock a blind lawyer that doubles up as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. In Daredevil a Netflix series he tries to save the city from the evils of the one percent and corrupt officials. He has to balance his actual life and secret life without losing either. This doesn’t prove easy as he has a close friend and a colleague who has a soft spot for him.

If you’re looking for something that will keep you in the whole day, then this is a must watch. It’s on its first season and with only 13 episodes you’re guaranteed a good watch. Episodes run an average of 50 minutes. So whether you’re streaming it on Netflix, downloaded it on torrents or supported a local business by buying it you will get your times worth.daredevil

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