UNSPOKEN HEART [Guest Post] – Liam Mutea

“Hey how do you feel about putting my article in your blog?”

“Sounds like a great Idea. You can email me the post I’ll go through it and then put it up over the weekend.”

Well, it’s not the weekend. But that was a message I got on a Friday afternoon just as I was contemplating where I’d wet my tongue. Liam Mutea wanted to do a guest post. How could I say no? So he sent me an email. The subject was succinct. Simply said “Read”. Not drink or eat. Just read. So I guess I did not have an option. I read. I was impressed. I did not reply. I don’t think he wanted a reply. He just wanted me to read. 

But hey, Liam, next time allow me some options. What fun is an email if I can’t do much with it? Ask me to take it out for dinner. Buy it sexy lingerie. Ask me to introduce it to my family. You know? Don’t limit it. Clip its wings. Let it be free. Be all it can be. Different. After all all emails are read right? It was a pleasure hosting you. Now if you will excuse me let’s let people “Read”.


I woke up. 2AM. Why was I awake? Then I heard it again. Someone was at the door. Who dared come between me and my first love,sleep. Who? lumpily,I walked towards the door. Opened it. And there she was. Sharon. My best friend/crush/perfect for me/ 2030 goal, all in one. I wondered why she’d be here. Had she realized that she was too good for Charlie? Did she come here to pronounce her unconditional love for me? That we as best friends was not what fate had planned for us? Did she want us to run away into the sun set? Okay the last one is too cheesy, besides it was 2:10 AM. The sun doesn’t rise until 6 so we would wait. Sharon stood there plainly looking at her phone. All of a sudden she busted in to tears. Concerned,I brought her in. Shut the door and made a pot of coffee. I instantly knew what was going on.( I believe coffee portrayed that shrink-patient-moment other than the fact that I was sleepy )

This was those nights that my “position” as best friend was made clear to me. On many accounts she would come over, in tears, when she and Charlie had had a fight, and like a monk I was to appease the gods and bring this love birds back to their happy nest.

I wonder why she thought I gave good advice though. I was the most unlucky person in the love sector. All my relationships had ended badly. Half (All) the time me being at fault but with a justifiable reason, we were not meant for each other. Don’t give me that look.

“Charlie wants us to break up,” murmured Sharon as I arrived with two mugs of coffee.

“He wants some time to think about us,”

I, however, needed time to think about her ( see what I did there) I mean have you looked at her? Sharon was gorgeous. Beautifully moulded from the top down. Curves that could cause a feud on Thika highway. Brown eyes. Really brown eyes that could see through you. Her skin was glow some. Every thing she wore was meant, designed or sowed for her. Her V-neck dresses revealed the beautiful sets of twins gently arrayed on her chest. She had everything.

I was thinking on what to tell Sharon. She looked straight into my eye. She had talked to me for a whole 20 minutes and now was the time to pull the advice card. I could hear my own heart beat. Not that I didn’t know what to say but her presence gave me goosebumps.

She had loved the guy, been there for him at his worst and good moments. Gave him space when he wanted and helped him with his business when it was struggling. She had been that wife with no ring type of girl who would do anything in her power to see their man succeed. Considering that Charlie had cheated on her once, he didn’t deserve someone like her. She deserved better. The best in fact. She understood this after I explained it to her.

Has anyone seen Elmo? That huge smile Elmo has?

Sharon had that huge smile on her face. I made senses and I guess her and Charlie were now done.

She decided to spend the night in my house. It was not something new. We had slept in one bed a couple of times but nothing had ever happened. To her I was nothing more than a friend Maybe today things will be different?

We covered ourselves with the duvet. Our bodies separated by just a thin layer of wool. How was I to sleep? We faced each other. Breathing the same oxygen in a very small diameter. My mind telling me to go for it but my body still. Not moving. Her twins readily touched my chest. Maybe she wanted this.. To forget about Charlie? That’s why she came? Maybe?

“I hate all this questions coming up right now.”

Her signature scent arouse all the feelings in me She would probably feel my bulge on her abdomen . I could feel it rising.. It all came down to this. I leaned towards her, she didn’t resist. She tossed her foot on me and I knew this was a go ahead sign. I maneuvered my hands down her thighs and swayed up her hips gently giving her that shrill in her body. I Pushed her close and kissed her. She kissed back. I could feel her hands down in my pants as she yanked my holy grail… Everything was clear now, she wanted me and I wanted her. It was all green lights She came on top of me. Total bliss.

In a matter of seconds I heard a quick 3-knock then a huge burst. The door was opened. And in our sight.. Mother[ censored] Charlie!

poem heart


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