Steve Mbogo had been obtaining quite a lot of publicity not too long ago-his attempt to become Kenya’s next president contradicts his rumored unsavory activities- and it’s probably safe to say that I was there during the beginning of it all. Well… somehow.

October was his birthday month, so it would only seem appropriate that a self-pro-claimed billionaire spend a few millions on his birthday party in the dusitD2 Nairobi, while promoting his name. I’m not a girlfriend if you’re curious; he already has a few of those, one of them at least who walked beside him during his grand entrance to the party, Tanasha Oketch, her friend Wanjuru Muthoni, and a light skin South African woman who was deemed to be wife material. It’s amazing how much you find out when your friends with the birthday boy’s brother. Looking at the three beautiful women, you could tell Steve had a type he liked to show off. All incredibly light skin, and stunning enough to make a girl feel insecure. But that little showcase was towards the end of the black party, which involved a curvy DJ Dee-who as I heard had a thing with Steve earlier in the year- as well as flying cameras, but most importantly free food that tasted expensive. Steve was very unpunctual to his own party, his brother said he liked to be fashionably late, “make a big entrance”, and true to that, a showy appearance he did make.

Fast forward to the white party and the birthday cake resembled plates of gold staked over each other, and a happy Steve Mbogo throwing money all over the stage, if I had given in to my kikuyu urges, I would’ve probably found myself standing with the hyped audience who were trying to catch a few notes for themselves. If free food wasn’t enough however, the free alcohol may have just brought tears to your eyes. There were a few famous personalities here and there and a parking area outside filled with so many sports cars that you’d think you landed in Dubai for a moment. I took the liberty to indulge myself in some whine, and shisha, which was also free, bless his soul. The party was slowing down, and I would’ve probably headed to Vineyard with a friend, if I wasn’t already so exhausted. My story heads to the dusitD2 hotel, where I later came detest Steve’s cousin’s demeaning attitude towards women. Without slight hesitation, he declared his sexual attraction to me, even attempting to pull a few moves not long after he had already enjoyed some other girl’s company-whom my friend witnessed sneaking out of the hotel room earlier on. “Baby, come here and let me hold you for a bit”, words that still jazz me to this day. Maybe women make it a little too easy for these men.

The morning came with a slight hangover; the free alcohol definitely didn’t love me back. But with room service, came all the water I needed. We headed downstairs for breakfast, and I believe I left there having consumed every meal possibly considered to be part of the breakfast category. The second most memorable thing in that hotel room occurred not too long after, with an astonished me staring at a computer screen. Steve’s brother and I had stumbled onto one of Steve’s contracts concerning gold worth hundreds of millions of Kenyan shillings. Although Steve’s brother, for the most part, didn’t seem quite surprised. We caught Steve busy on his phone as we left the hotel. I swear if his brother didn’t call out his name, I would’ve never taken notice, he was shadily dressed, like a slight upgrade from a high school Lil Wayne wanna be. Then the sad thought dawned on me, that what he was wearing was probably more expensive than my whole wardrobe, sigh. In front of him was a luggage cart filled with baggage, God knows why, since we were all just here for one night…it wasn’t my business anyway.

I decided to head to Steve Mbogo’s household in Karen from the hotel since it wasn’t too far from where I stayed, but more importantly because I wanted to see how many exotic tigers he had caged up next to his golden throne (cause he seems like the type of guy to have that if he could). No tigers or thrones sadly, but one of the living room areas did have several gold plated objects. It was a sizable house with enough green space to probably start a small farm. There were a number of vehicles in Steve’s parking lot, the most noticeable being a black, sleek two sitter. The place was filled with several people, and it appeared to be those households seen in hip/hop music videos that always hosted a little party. Myself and a few others proceeded to the compound to ride on a hover-board, which wasn’t as hard as it looked, after the first two tries it was smooth sailing for me. Obviously I had to Instagram it, while waiting on the food that never seemed to be ready despite all the cooks in the kitchen. I killed a little more time taking a couple photos, even a few with the South African wife material beauty who seemed to be the sweetest person. Time came for me to leave and as I took a cab and headed back to my own casual lifestyle, I couldn’t help but wonder what it felt to live like that every day.

Source: nairobi wire


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