Movie Review: Batman Vs Superman (Dawn of Justice)

Batman Vs Superman hit the big screen a few weeks back and the Kenyan comic fraternity hit the roof. Personally I had no idea they existed. But it does. Just like in the movies, a bitter rivalry between DC diehards and Marvel mavericks. And maybe the brotherhood of the Warner Bros.

I was on a shoe string budget; and as if that was not enough, the shoes were loafers. My budget was literally non-existent. Kind of like my girlfriend. So going to line up outside I-Max with comic book fans, self-taught diehards and snotty nose kids crying into their parents’ ears demanding for hot dogs was out of the question. I can be patient when I want to. And no, bank queues are not one of those times. Neither is standing at the corner of Archives waiting for someone that has been just at Muthurwa for the past forty five minutes. My patience is maxed out at customer care calls and the HD premier of a movie on torrents.

So a few weeks later it is out. Full HD. 1080p resolution all to myself. A bottle of whisky on the side, a glass a few rocks and a coke. They won’t let you do that at the cinemas now will they? I settle in, making sure the laptop is fully charged. Yes, I said it laptop. I am one of those people with a HDMI cable and no HD TV to connect it to. Maybe next time we can team up aye? It is a bit chilly outside, but the duvet and whisky are bound to remedy that.

So after making sure everything was in order; empty bladder, connected adapter, 3 digit units on the prepaid meter, phone on silent, and still single – it was on. Now, personally I have always been a fan of batman. I mean, billionaire playboy with fancy toys and a mansion? Beats newspaper reporter anytime. Plus I get his guise. The whole costume. I don’t understand how spectacles make Clark Kent literally invisible. It just doesn’t work for me.

Alright so movie. The movie kicks off and starts with a flash back. Dream? Kid Bruce is traumatized after the brutal murder of his parents in cold blood. He is running in the woods, breathing heavy, panting. Scared. All of a sudden he falls into a hole. Where it came from? Your guess is as good as mine. Inside he is scared. What did we expect from a little kid? There’s noises and as he turns to look he sees bats. Bats into the thousands maybe hundreds of thousands. They charge. But instead of attacking they lift him out of the hole. I almost hit pause at this point. Really? Lift him? Okay.

According to me the whole movie felt like it was chasing too much at one time. There was not enough action between the two principles; Batman and Superman. But when they did axe it out; it was brilliant. The whole idea that a mortal man could go against a god. Or demi-god. And win was enticing. My whisky and I were rooting for old rich boy Brucie. Yeah I call him that. The determination in his eyes. The rage. The hate. The intense training. He deserved it. Nothing was handed to him; except the money. Against a god, one that was lucky to land on earth and find out our sun made him super human. Bruce Wayne was the underdog. And I have a soft spot for those.

The movie played out and the fight did not reach its expected end. I didn’t expect it to either. Otherwise both characters would have been playing into the manipulations of a deluded psychopathic billionaire; Lex Luther. He has a brilliant mind I must admit. A mind not keen on following the moral guidelines of society. A rebel in his own way. And the character they chose to play him; Jesse Eisenberg brought this out in a playful but dangerous kind of way.

Like I said, I am not huge on comics. But the movie did keep me entertained for the length of it. Would I recommend it? Yes, if you have not watched it. Saying I would watch it a second time would be stretching it. But you never know.

I do hope there is a sequel though because the movie left the audience at a cliff hanger. Also the whisky was good. It always is.



13 thoughts on “Movie Review: Batman Vs Superman (Dawn of Justice)

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  1. if you steal a bike, that’s a crime right? but if you download a bicycle that’s not really as bad as stealing someone’s bicycle right????
    I ask this because I downloaded this movie from a site which somewhat does not care much for digital media copy right infringement violations…
    I guess you can call me a torrent pirate ^_^

    on to the movie what’s up The Superman question should be what’s up with Superman how come not even a single person can identify him or even just say dude you look familiar.. all he does is remove glasses and part hair. .. but nooo they are all blind. or stupid or drunk.. they won’t let you drink in a movie cinema…
    Though i was kinda routing for The Bat…. you know Superman could be God if he wanted he could just smite Bats with his laser eyes or punch a hole through his chest and the fight would last less than it takes for you to refill my glass, do you have ice??
    I have to hand it to batman though, his training was insane, Pounding on tractor tyres with sledge hammers…. who does that? ..
    .That said the movie was. rather loooong and the first half was kinda slow almost chick flicky *yawn*
    I loved wonder woman she had interesting dialogue, they should have given her more lines, more lines, and that electric lassoo thingie where did that even come from?
    Lex talked a little bit too much,

    interesting movie, but would I watch it again nope.


    PS I’m drinkless (yes its a word)


  2. Meh, wasn’t going to watch it and now I am definitely not going to watch it Rakster, thanks to your review. And what is with superman’s disguise. Laziest disguise ever. Can I have ice for my juice? 3 rocks please. Asante boss.


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