Phi Phy Pho Pham: Music 

I made my acquaintance with Phy something over a few months ago (November 2015) when I first heard Ruka. An upbeat feel good song featuring rabbit and kaligraph. This song was nothing like I’d heard, it instantly serenaded most of my Friday’s and became a personal party anthem. In the video, in red ankara print jumpsuit, a white top, goku? style hair, a star wars lightsaber and the voice of three angels Phy stole my heart. My first ever celebrity crush. This was going to be something. A shift in the music scene maybe? Signs of something good to come? Or even just an year’s worth of #WCW for a writers overactive imagination. Anything worked for me.

Then came the video of her singing a rendition of Sinzia by Nameless. A finale of the show she won. This gorgeous, lithe human being on stage who had managed to seduce her own voice such that it came out how she wanted it to in a sultry performance that left goosebumps on my skin. Heck, even the judges felt it. Ian Mbugua’s jaw could not remain shut. Nameless was speechless. Phy took the stage and owned it: me thinks that stage still says her name on lonely nights waiting for a call back. A performance that good… unforgettable.

Reminded me of ‘una manzi’ (one of her songs off the Phylosphy album) and yes you can have my number hehe.

I don’t even know her but that voice, that voice was home. That voice was the first cold beer after a long week. That voice was a warm hug on a bad day. How does one person have so much power?

But soon after Ruka, I had this insatiable urge to listen to more of her. The description on her YouTube channel said she had an album, and I searched (scoured?) the internet for it. Call me cheap but there’s this trend where artistes have one really nice song that turns out to be a fluke. One spurring moment of creativity in a sea of mundane gray music. Deep down I knew this wasn’t Phy, but I also didn’t want to risk it. But, the Internet had nothing for me. No bootleg copy of her album to download or stream. Maybe the universe was speaking. So like many firsts with her I did something I’d never done – whipped out my card and got the full album Phylosophy here. Because let’s face it she is a breath of fresh air in the sea of “fly kama dingoingo” and “hey hey ka chakula ya farasi”.

There’s three things in this world you can spend money on that you will never regret. They are good food, a good time and good music. Sometimes when you’ve been good and the gods want to reward you, you’ll get all three for the price of one. Gods are you reading? I’ve been good for two hours straight – personal record. Hehe. Phylosophy falls under good music. Maybe food too if soul nourishment counts. In the album you get to hear an artist that’s put more than talent behind the music, they’ve put heart; no, poured it. They’ve poured their souls into the music and so when press play you’re not only listening to her voice, words and the beat: you’re feeling the emotion, passion, desire and much much more. There’s a connection and for the brief three to four minutes a song lasts you connect. Interact. You get a feel of who Phy is.

I’m not sure how long this crush I have will last. Whether it will materialize into a life long love affair with her music or it will fizzle like a high school infatuation; but what I do know is I’ll enjoy every minute of it.

Image source: DJ Wallpapers
Image source: DJ Wallpapers

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