Face For Radio

Let’s face it; from my words, it’s quite hard to figure out what I look or sound like. But a while back I remedied that and started a video series on my page; a simple feat any knuckle head with a camera phone could accomplish. 

That worked out well, for a while. Until I started running out of clothes to wear. I am not a T.V guy working for a station with well padded bank accounts. I don’t have a wardrobe technician (It is a thing) who pins on a silver pin on my black lapel ; or tells me how a  blue tie goes great with sad news.

I just have my flea market t-shirts, recycled jeans and my formerly large sunglasses to make do with.

The pressure was too much. I mean what happens when I want to go out and meet people and they give me that “si you wore this t-shirt last weekend on your video?”

Then I would have to come up with a lie as colorful as the sweater I wore in the video the other week to cover for that. Too much work.

So I ventured into podcasts. At least here all you see is my voice. Wait… All you hear is my voice. I can be in vests, boxers, red socks, hat on my head and wearing a bad attitude. You would never know.

Anyway; this was the first. Enjoy.


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