A social climber still hangovered over his first job;  changing lifestyle and failed relationships. I am that guy sitting alone at the corner with his words and solitude; not forgetting a cold beer or a whisky on the rocks: depending on how healthy the bank account is. Here, I am thinking about many things; and one of them is how to get a story for this blog. For you. My reader. But mostly for me because I am a selfish prick.

Together, stuck in this middle class rut, we can navigate our ways into a better rut. One with air con. I’m not talking about the appliance, but people who will try to sell us air because let’s face it; the economy is shit. Like most of my jokes and puns.

I am also a fashion guru. I can pair Masai sandals, with funky socks, Scottish Kilt, flared shirt and an orange blazer. But maybe that makes me a relationship expert. ‘Right? Because after so many failed ones I would know how to make them work. I am proud to say the Masai sandals are still together with the funky soaks. They will be walking down the aisle soon enough. (Did you see what I did? That pun?) The shirt is flared up because it’s been ages since they hooked up but the kilt is skirting around the idea of proposal. Things are looking bright for the blazer so fingers crossed.

I don’t know about you but I need a drink right about now. And of course you’re buying. Unless you think I should, then hit me up. Let me know why. Then when. And where.

That is all for now. Hope to see you around here more often. Adios.

P.S I don’t really know Spanish I just think that it sounds cool. *Cue exit music* *Drum rolls* *Lights Off* *Echoes* *Door shuts*


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