The Percentage

I wake up and it is around 6 am. It is a Saturday so the world is still asleep. I realize how much waking up without a hangover is worse than having a hangover. My body betrays me. I can hear a few of the neighbors stirring. I wonder what is going through their minds;... Continue Reading →


Man On Bed 42

The week just flew by real fast. I did not realize until yesternight that Friday was beckoning. So today with a hangover and a cup of coffee i tried to pen something down and it just refused. I tried to seduce my words; but they were having none of it. They just said no. I... Continue Reading →

It’s Cold Again

It has been a while since I did fiction. So I thought I should give it a try just to see how it goes.  On nights like this, the house is cold. The fire that cackles in front of me does nothing to bring warmth, the hot mug of chocolate tastes like iced revenge and... Continue Reading →

The Single Chronicles 7: Wedding Bells

In case you missed the previous check it out here “We should get married” She’ll say. She’ll be looking at you from across the table, looking over an opened bottle of wine, her eyes lazy, her fingers with red painted nails daintily wrapped around her fourth, maybe fifth glass of wine and a wry smile... Continue Reading →

The Single Chronicles 6: God has a wife

God must have a wife. A supernatural woman who actually knows everything. One that keeps him on toes, busy and whose nagging sends him to the bar on a few occasions. "Are you drunk again?" She'd ask "Can't a God just go and not have to be questioned about it? Si afterall you already know."... Continue Reading →

The single chronicles 4: Lavender and Vanilla

[Continued from Pizza is here] They say when you stare death right in its cold, un-moving eyes it smiles. A smile that breaks from the corner of its mouth; a smile that freezes the blood in your veins and roots you to the spot. And when you blink your life flashes before your eyes. The... Continue Reading →

The Single Chronicles: Pizza is here!

[Continued from Save me some Pizza] I lied to Sandra that I had to leave the house; she did not seem to care to question or she did not seem to want me to know she cared to question. Either way it worked perfect for me. I could see though that she thought she had... Continue Reading →

The Single Chronicles 2: Save me some pizza

[Continued from Blue Ticks] Twenty four and single is a choice. It's fun, you're too young and there's too much life for you to live before you are tied down. But at twenty eight, four years down the line, it changes. There's something wrong with you, or your friends, or your choice in women. There's... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Batman Vs Superman (Dawn of Justice)

Batman Vs Superman hit the big screen a few weeks back and the Kenyan comic fraternity hit the roof. Personally I had no idea they existed. But it does. Just like in the movies, a bitter rivalry between DC diehards and Marvel mavericks. And maybe the brotherhood of the Warner Bros. I was on a... Continue Reading →

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