Addicted to threesomes

When people give me a minute of their time I usually feel sorry for them. You see, I would not give myself a minute of my own time. But some brave souls out there see something in me and decide to indulge in my madness. W is one of them. How this whole thing started... Continue Reading →


I wasn't going to write today, still won't write today. It has just been one of those weeks. Work pressures stifled my creativity for a minute. Then late last night I got an email. A reader, maybe a fan too, asked if they could do a reply to one of my posts. Signed the smiling... Continue Reading →

I hate dating

Guys you are yet to meet a writer who has a complex grasp of wit, sarcasm and cynicism all rolled into one like a rolex. But I have; and now you are about to as well. Meet Mwendwa Mbaabu; she's unlike any other writer you have read. She neatly chooses her words; almost meticulously if... Continue Reading →

Time of the month [Guest Post]

Imagine it's end month and some employees receive their salaries, we too of the female gender get to receive ours as well. It's that time of the month when our uterus pays us for being loyal to it. Well, it's not a definite due. Depends on how well you maintained your loyalty throughout the month.... Continue Reading →

Tinder Meets [Part 2]

In case you missed part one. ​“How’s everything going?”  “It’s going great.” “Mmmh Gary…” “He’s great too. Never could’ve been better.” “Oh wow. It’s just that…” “Just that what?” “Never mind I’m happy for you.” Typical conversation over the past few months that I had with people.  As it turns out everyone on God’s green earth... Continue Reading →

Tinder Meets [Part One]

Our conversation is almost always jokes cracking and laughs cackling. She's a type of crazy that's not my type of crazy. And what happens when each our types of crazy collide it's catastrophic. Not in a meteor headed for earth to destroy mankind kind of way, just a everyone else seems boring and we ignore... Continue Reading →

Yellow Yellow Fever Outbreak Rocks the Country

Lately I've been meeting a lot of Maryannes. And I don't get it, what's with the name? It's two names in one like a supermarket promotion. Like you're buying detergent and getting a bar soap. There's always something extra about them. I met this particular Maryanne at a writing seminar. They called it a workshop.... Continue Reading →

My Self Worth

I met Maryanne by chance. She's one of those people that annoy you in a not so annoying way. She has an obnoxious laugh that's also kind of cute. Also she drinks mocktails. Which is a fancy name for juice. I don't get it either. But she's fun. Very fun. And sometimes funny. Find her... Continue Reading →

Doreen Saringi: This is University [GUEST POST]

Welcome to university where effort is not always proportional to success. You can get your distinctions by playing cards nicely. If you are a lady, you are eighty percent lucky because eighty percent university lecturers are sexually hungry pot bellied men with grey and graying hairs. Their wives got into menopause about three years after... Continue Reading →

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