I wasn't going to write today, still won't write today. It has just been one of those weeks. Work pressures stifled my creativity for a minute. Then late last night I got an email. A reader, maybe a fan too, asked if they could do a reply to one of my posts. Signed the smiling... Continue Reading →


Support them! Do they support you?

Do you know how much a presidential campaign costs? Not the actual amount but a rough figure? A round number that you can use to put things into perspective. No? Well it costs about 1.5 billion shillings. Not one, but 1.5 Billion. That is around nine zeros after the 2 with three commas. That’s how... Continue Reading →

If We Met

Dear Carol, Hi. Let me start by being honest. Until a few days ago you were a hashtag. I’ve seen you a lot on my timeline. You were. Are. An inspiration to many guys out here. From what I gather you were this person that was rather bubbly even in the face of adversity. When... Continue Reading →

Dear Ezekiel Mutua, This might come as a surprise to you but I am a writer. I have wild delusions that someday I will be able to sit at my desk and spin words to make a living. Yes, the writer dream is to get paid for their words – call me crazy, call me... Continue Reading →

A letter to my sister on her birthday

Dear Maria, It feels like yesterday when we'd fight and argue over cereal boxes. I liked the coco pops, it came in a yellow box that had a cheeky looking monkey and you liked frosties - it was the one in a blue box with a tiger. Secretly you also loved coco pops. But, you... Continue Reading →

A bunch of tools

Poverty has different colors. Scents. Sounds even. To some it is the faded blue trouser that has been patched up so many times it looks like a quilt. An old worn out quilt that smells of a dusty floor. Sweat. And frustration. To others it is the eerie orange light of the tin lamp. A... Continue Reading →

Dear Future Wife

Dear future wife, The suspense is killing me. Where are you? Calm down. I don’t have dirty laundry. I don’t need a sandwich. Chances are you have internet and you know those are the very things you shouldn’t do. You’re a woman not a maid. So right now I’m fine. I mean why wouldn’t I... Continue Reading →

To Whomever it May Concern: Mat(Art)u Culture

To whomever it may concern, I don’t have any flowery salutations for you and your cronies. I believe you get enough of that in your offices swinging on imported leather chairs behind huge mahogany finished desks. Your chauffeur too ensures your ego is sufficiently stroked every day. When you walk out of your large mansion... Continue Reading →

Letter to my Son

Dear Son, You might probably wonder why I wrote this way before you were even a thought, well because its never too early to lay down the wisdom of man. And believe me son, pops is wise. Life gave most people lemons, some made lemonade, others ate the lemon, others found someone with vodka and... Continue Reading →

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