Money Talks 

​The first time I had money talks I scoffed, then laughed and then thought that person was crazy. Because what would money say? Imagine all the secrets it has. How traumatized a thousand bob would be having lived three months in a stuffy bra only to move into the skinny jeans of an adolescent teenager... Continue Reading →


Intoxicating kisses, nescafe, Netflix and possible chill

It's January but there's something off about it, the weather. It's not as bright as it should be. It's dull and the clouds hang low like most account balances. Traffic jam is at a minimum, the hired cars have gone back to their rightful owners and the car owners are tight on fuel. The stage... Continue Reading →

Eat my words

There's friends you have that you have no idea how you became friends. It's the proverbial "accidental pregnancy". You don't remember how you started talking but you also don't remember a time when you were never talking. It's just one of those things that happen, two souls that gravitate towards each other and collide. It's... Continue Reading →

Powering Kenya : How Sustainable, Consistent, and affordable Energy will impact Kenya

One of the perks of pursuing an economics degree majoring in finance is getting to say you pursue an economics degree majoring in finance. That's just about it. Well, and a whole plethora of knowledge bestowed upon me by dedicated professors. Then there's also the benefit of looking at the world from an economics point... Continue Reading →

How my lost ATM card was a blessing in disguise

You know how they say patience is a virtue? Well, patience has never been my strong suit and right about now it is paying off. It was a Thursday the one before the Easter holidays and I made my way to an establishment eager to spend a few shillings. The place was full – trust... Continue Reading →

Money Sense: Mobile money not for me

If you are anything like me then you detest saving on your phone. I'm not throwing shade on mobile money services - I'm just saying it doesn't work for me. You see here's the thing when I have money on my phone it automatically becomes my saving grace. That coffer I can dig into any... Continue Reading →

Money Sense: Saving Part 1

Simply put savings are income not spent. Remember that girlfriend you dumped – or maybe that girlfriend that dumped you? Does that bring tears to your eyes? Think of it this way that was one more extra date you did not have to spend on. The end of your relationship actually saved you money! Go... Continue Reading →

Money Sense

Money sense is a new segment on my blog that will cater for people in my age bracket. Just in case you need clarification I am talking to the twenty somethings and younger. If you are older it is never too late to jump on board – we don’t turn anybody away. We will be... Continue Reading →

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