A Man And His Thoughts

Can we talk about Dela for one minute? This feisty songstress with a voice woven out of angel moans. Is there anything right now in the Kenyan music industry that matches her appeal both on and off the mic? I don’t know about you but if Dela by any chance you read this; all I... Continue Reading →


The slay me 

Ah,  it’s Friday again.  How does the week fly by so fast?  Where is it in a hurry to go?  It’s not like it has anything better to do.  But here we are.  Actually for me,  it’s Thursday as I write this.  It’s been raining and the city has been a mess,  people hurdled under... Continue Reading →

Matching Socks having Sex

I have deliberately worn two mismatching socks, clean, and walked out of the house confident in myself. This is not even the worst of it, no. I have put on trousers that do not touch the ankle when I sit, those trousers that are a tad shy and show off your ankle cleavage (if you... Continue Reading →

I see you

On my desk in the office I have become a passive follower of the elections and whatever shit storm they bring or have brought. I have been following closely for a while now the happenings around the country, became distant to it and finally detached myself from the reality burying my head in numerous memes... Continue Reading →

Mombasa Raha 3 

Let's talk about Salim.  Tall lanky man,  hunched up inside his tuk tuk. I can't remember if he adorned a Kanzu or he had a red t-shirt with Blue Jeans.  He spoke fast,  like his words could not wait to leave his mouth.  His voice was polished with a coastal eloquence and listening to him... Continue Reading →

I wasn't going to write today, still won't write today. It has just been one of those weeks. Work pressures stifled my creativity for a minute. Then late last night I got an email. A reader, maybe a fan too, asked if they could do a reply to one of my posts. Signed the smiling... Continue Reading →

Mombasa Raha 2

Travelling with friends is not like travelling alone. I respect people that travel alone. The guts. They carry around with them some chutzpah that says they are out to concur the world; them and their back packs. Lone travelers see the world from a different perspective, not through their own eyes but from the eyes... Continue Reading →

Mombasa Raha 1

It’s a hot Tuesday afternoon, I’m being a typical Nairobian and heading out for the two for one pizza offer. Here in Nairobi we live for shit like this, it doesn’t matter if the pizza is bad, or tastes like marinated ceiling board peppered with calcium powder, we will eat it because it’s cheaper. Also... Continue Reading →


Dating in Nairobi is like playing minesweeper, no one knows how to do it. Those that do are few and spread thin like a bachelor’s budget. So what we end up with a lot, and I mean a lot, is situationships. There are so many guys who have no idea what they are doing just... Continue Reading →

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