One for all and all for one

Starting my Monday morning listening to Ice Cube’s ‘It was a good day’. Something about an old school hip hop jam in the morning. The kicks get you into a mellow mood. The low taps of fingers hitting keyboards are muffled out by the snare. Your mind zones out into that special spot. The sweet... Continue Reading →


This is F’d Up

Guess who's back? - Pretty Prissy Roses are red I dread love The bleeding it causes The pulsating heart uurgh!!! Violets are blue Forever true A lie that fades Just as beauty does Hellen of Troy A magnificent face Imagine a thousand Titanics Sunk by a single face The power of love? And on my... Continue Reading →

Let Love: The Poem Girl

Meet Quin, the poem girl. *** I'll sing not songs of the young But of old, christened with kayambas,drums and shakers I'll wear jangles on my feet and wrap my hair with a scarf For today I've got news we've wanted in years I am pregnant my love I have us growing in me I... Continue Reading →

I am Afraid

I am afraid I am no longer funny I am afraid that words have lost their luster I am afraid that this might be the last words written in a long time I am afraid that I can’t define what defines me I am afraid of many things, eight legged freaks and the likes Snakes... Continue Reading →

The Wine Cellar| Best Seller

Tear stain her pretty face as she cries the night away in the cover of darkness Life, cruel and strife with sadness is her sad reality she stares into the wall The dark wall that stares back offering no comfort no solace Her stains come clean, fresh streaks wash them away her face is wet... Continue Reading →

He doesn’t go to waste

The story goes that there is a man around town with a wagging tongue. Wet with deception and sweet lies, he finds his prey and in bed they lie. He became so good he doesn’t try all he does is flash his smile. Husbands warned their wives, mothers warned their daughters and girls dared their... Continue Reading →

Again and Again

[Another one by Prissy] I sit, I will sit to narrate, and if I stand I will stand to sing. If I bend, I'll whisper a prayer and if curl up in a ball, I'd be suppressing the pain. If I cracked my knuckles it would be in preparation for a fight and if I... Continue Reading →

Writers Curse

With passion they write. Pens, pencils and keyboards an extension of themselves. They will pour their hearts out in a sentence and fill your heart with sorrow in another. They will make your soul sing and your spirit dance. They will play with words and have you in a trance. You will be in a... Continue Reading →

One in a million

She doesn't know that everything has a price tag. How could she when she sees all the things she can't have. Her friends tell her to get a sponsor She says she already has one that's paying for her college They laugh she's naive they like that She's the virgin at the brothel She wants... Continue Reading →

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