This is F’d Up

Guess who's back? - Pretty Prissy Roses are red I dread love The bleeding it causes The pulsating heart uurgh!!! Violets are blue Forever true A lie that fades Just as beauty does Hellen of Troy A magnificent face Imagine a thousand Titanics Sunk by a single face The power of love? And on my... Continue Reading →


Wine Tasting – Though the e-mail subject was ‘teren teren’ What’s up with that?

"It's time I asked her to introduce herself but I have this feeling she just likes me doing it. I think she just likes being a girl in her own world. Maybe she thinks you guys are too harsh and might judge her so she prefers my voice. Here's the thing in my time knowing... Continue Reading →


[Guess who's back, back again. Prissy's back!] I’m in a mat heading to school, most people might call it campus but I am not most people. I’m simple, even after high-school I still refer to lecturers as teachers, university as school and hostels as home. I might have used the word sophisticated to describe myself, but I... Continue Reading →

Not a Time Bomb

He lied he loved, she fell for it; She gave it all; he took it from another; He played them both, a game well played; It’s only love sweetie, not a time bomb!  She loved his rhythm, but hers too; He tried to join, they wouldn’t allow; Left out he felt, from a unique experience;... Continue Reading →

Silk Robe

A story by Priscilla aka Pretty Prissy --- I wake up to an already dawned morning. The sun is out, the birds must be on their second album and the worms, well the smart ones are waking up now. The view from his glass walled apartment is magnificent. He must have paid handsomely for the... Continue Reading →

Her Limbo

So yet again Prissy is on my blog. She refuses to get her own. But I love her here it's as much her home as it is mine *** Her well-manicured nails dig deep into her mattress giving her a firm grip. Her body twists and turns as if she’s trying to crawl out of... Continue Reading →

Time Capsule

I’m Sweaty and it’s only been about 60 seconds since I left the shower. I oil myself up ignoring the thin film of sweat forming above my skin- gotta moisturize, as my GF (ghetto fabulous) ladies say. I hurriedly dress up in what the moment seemed appropriate. I collect up all the coins I have... Continue Reading →

Glad its over

I dunno who came up with the sayings and idioms, metaphors or whatever they are called about being positive. Just to quote one,' you either choose to see a glass with water as half empty or half full' something of the sort, I'm not so sure. But then again pardon me...I'm not sure of many... Continue Reading →

Hope you don’t enjoy

By Priscilla Kabiru aka Pretty Prissy Sooo... I dunno whether to start with greetings...but here's a start. Howdy earthlings? Lol that's totally lame - I agree. Anyway I'm kinda nervous. It's my first piece of writing that will be read by more than four eyes (I don't wear glasses) just in case there's one out... Continue Reading →

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