A Tale of Two Rivers

I call Angie; it’s a little bit past two and I have just gotten to Two Rivers. The place is huge; even from the outside, its daunting walls and large Carrefour sign being more intimidating than welcoming. It is like a future father in-law; an angel and soft as a petal to the daughter but... Continue Reading →

Century 25% Loading Complete

I am turning a new leaf today, finally hitting the quarter of a century mark. It’s no mean feat, it is very easy actually. It was mostly fueled by a desire to see more of each day and greased by my mother’s prayers. It’s safe to say I made it. But who am I kidding... Continue Reading →

Politics, No Cash and Faith Dates

I must be the only Kenyan in Nairobi who does not know where to go in order to eat this election money. Because that is what I am seeing. People are posting about handouts reaching the thousands and tens of thousands. Do you know what ten thousand would do for me right now? I would... Continue Reading →

It’s Cold Again

It has been a while since I did fiction. So I thought I should give it a try just to see how it goes.  On nights like this, the house is cold. The fire that cackles in front of me does nothing to bring warmth, the hot mug of chocolate tastes like iced revenge and... Continue Reading →

Angela Makes Fondue

We all know someone bougie. The guys that are a little bit extra fancy. These guys that wear fake it till they make like colognes and accessorize it with accents from Cadbury chocolate wrappers.  These guys can piss you off, referring to chipo as fries. Even when they are clearly referring to that joint along... Continue Reading →

10 Types of Guys You Will Meet at The Bar

Anyone can just buy a drink, go home, open it and enjoy it over an episode of Modern Family while texting their significant other; but there’s no fun in that. The typical Kenyan bar is a hot pot of diversity; the conversations, the people, the staff and the drinks. There is always something happening. Always.... Continue Reading →

Shut and Pay up!

If there’s anything a man is worth in this world it’s his word. Sperm count and word. Both should be able to be taken to a bank. And that’s just about it; anything else is just an extra feature. Like a front facing flash or a dual camera. You can do without it but having... Continue Reading →

When Somalis twerk

USIU is like an urban legend, most people that talk about it have never been there. They rely on rumors that have been passed on from one social construct to the next. And in these rumors they are comfortable; it is easier to believe that a student there drives to class in a fuel guzzler... Continue Reading →

Cute or Handsome. Not both.

I am sitting at my desk having one of those rough days; the kinds where deadlines are hanging around you like a bunch of degenerates threatening to stab you if you do not meet their demands. I can’t even look at my phone; not because I don’t want to but because of how time is... Continue Reading →

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