I hate dating

Guys you are yet to meet a writer who has a complex grasp of wit, sarcasm and cynicism all rolled into one like a rolex. But I have; and now you are about to as well. Meet Mwendwa Mbaabu; she's unlike any other writer you have read. She neatly chooses her words; almost meticulously if... Continue Reading →


Support them! Do they support you?

Do you know how much a presidential campaign costs? Not the actual amount but a rough figure? A round number that you can use to put things into perspective. No? Well it costs about 1.5 billion shillings. Not one, but 1.5 Billion. That is around nine zeros after the 2 with three commas. That’s how... Continue Reading →

Cheers! Drink to that.

I was about to do an article on just how bad gospel music has become. How artistes wearing that medal like a chip on their shoulders are spoilt brats drunk on fame. How a howling dog in the full moon has more sincere lyrics than those adolescent teens whose public hairs have just started to... Continue Reading →

Cell Tales 2

I always thought if I ever spent any time in a cell it would be something epic. Like a botched robbery. And not just any kind of robbery where we barge in guns flaring, voices shouting, commanding poor souls to lie on the ground. No that’s a bit mainstream in fact if I was a... Continue Reading →

Cell Tales 1

When it rains it pours sounds like the dumbest proverb invented. Do they even invent proverbs? Some chap somewhere with mad scientist hair pointing to the heavens, grayed over by years of insane thinking sitting on a stool in front of an ominous tree, a large tree, a dark tree, a tree that birds avoid... Continue Reading →

Guys Against The World

I do not remember the last time I got a request from someone to write an article; but sometime back circa two weeks ago; this chap texts me and is livid about a new breed of ladies. He curses their existence and is not polite about it; I really want to know what a woman... Continue Reading →

Man On Bed 42

The week just flew by real fast. I did not realize until yesternight that Friday was beckoning. So today with a hangover and a cup of coffee i tried to pen something down and it just refused. I tried to seduce my words; but they were having none of it. They just said no. I... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Rivers

I call Angie; it’s a little bit past two and I have just gotten to Two Rivers. The place is huge; even from the outside, its daunting walls and large Carrefour sign being more intimidating than welcoming. It is like a future father in-law; an angel and soft as a petal to the daughter but... Continue Reading →

Century 25% Loading Complete

I am turning a new leaf today, finally hitting the quarter of a century mark. It’s no mean feat, it is very easy actually. It was mostly fueled by a desire to see more of each day and greased by my mother’s prayers. It’s safe to say I made it. But who am I kidding... Continue Reading →

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