Cute or Handsome. Not both.

I am sitting at my desk having one of those rough days; the kinds where deadlines are hanging around you like a bunch of degenerates threatening to stab you if you do not meet their demands. I can’t even look at my phone; not because I don’t want to but because of how time is... Continue Reading →

Face For Radio

Let's face it; from my words, it's quite hard to figure out what I look or sound like. But a while back I remedied that and started a video series on my page; a simple feat any knuckle head with a camera phone could accomplish.  That worked out well, for a while. Until I started... Continue Reading →

Breakfast menu: Rice and Beans

I like Kibandas because they are cheap and simple. They are the Okoa Jahazi for guys like me who have a hard time balancing their budget between cold beers and hot meals. Also I cannot just walk into a Java in the middle of February and order for BLT sandwich, with a side of fries,... Continue Reading →

My phone is seeing other people

Guys I lost my phone. That statement might not mean much to you but to me it's like your kid wandering off at a mall. The only difference is I'd want my phone back. Kids in between diapers, puking on your shirt and nagging for sweets kind of make you wish that they'd stay lost.... Continue Reading →

99 Problems

When the week is teetering on empty and it feels like atlas dumped the weight of the world on your shoulders – the only thing that’s left is hoping up on a bar stool and ordering the strongest, coldest and cheapest beer they have. Cheap because it’s not even the first week of the Month... Continue Reading →

Youngen at the office

When you're the youngest in an office where everyone is either married, engaged, with kids or boring (me) then you learn to self-censor. You find yourself on a Tuesday afternoon asking after the operations manager's kid. She just recently came from maternity and she's juggling being a young mother, being away from the little one... Continue Reading →

If We Met

Dear Carol, Hi. Let me start by being honest. Until a few days ago you were a hashtag. I’ve seen you a lot on my timeline. You were. Are. An inspiration to many guys out here. From what I gather you were this person that was rather bubbly even in the face of adversity. When... Continue Reading →

Shrine of masculinity

Going to the kinyozi is a ritual that every man respects and looks forward to. It's sacred. It's a shrine where men come to read newspapers, share football banter, talk about hangover cures and share betting tips. It's a place devoid of nagging wives, girlfriends and kids. Here a man can ignore the missus and... Continue Reading →

Man in a dress

This happened some time back last year, when the year was running out of breathe, chest heaving like a Masai marathon runner, ready to give up but still striving to hand over the baton. The setting was some pub in Embakasi tucked away like the sleeves of a well cooked samosa. The place had as... Continue Reading →

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