At Least I did

A friend told me I should try men. Casually, like the way you would go to a restaurant, ask for pepper steak and the waiter will tell you that they are out of steak and that maybe you should try something else, maybe a grilled chicken breast. Then you will ask them if it is... Continue Reading →


The post that almost never happened

The title probably sounds dramatic. It is. You know how a week flies? Straight out of Monday into a Friday and you have no idea where your Thursday went and who stole your Wednesday. You just float through the days and find yourself at the end of the week. There's not even that excited Friday... Continue Reading →

Dreams of a lion

This one time I was reading Biko and he would not shut up about Mad Men. He punctuated every statement with the series and had a mild crush on Don Draper. So I naturally took an interest, downloaded close to six seasons and decided I would binge over a weekend and maybe sharpen my skill... Continue Reading →

Twerking Giraffe

Where do you even start with Nairobi? It is like it has become a broody teenager facing adolescence with a false sense of freedom. A teenager that wants to break free from the reign of its parents because it thinks it is old enough to make its own decisions. With every chance it gets it... Continue Reading →

Time To Move

It is official, Arsenal fans do not deserve anything good in this life, or the next. Every time Arsenal play it feels like we are being conditioned for hell. That is the only logical explanation I can give for a team that had probably one of the most optimistic fans in the sporting world. Looking... Continue Reading →

Nairobi Bear With Me

On a Sunday afternoon Nairobi is a cocktail of weirdness and calm brought together by the empty streets and dusty sidewalks. Here is where you’ll find groups of young people in the back streets sprawled on the road in bright t-shirts, wiry glasses and run down jeans taking pictures. I assume it’s for their Instagram... Continue Reading →

Dear January

Dear January, Is it just me or 2018 is turning out to be that year? We’re barely done with January and sex dolls are trending on social media. So apparently for the very low price of Ksh 200,000 you can have you very own, life-like, life-size sex doll delivered to your doorstep. And it comes... Continue Reading →

The Interview. 

I get on average three emails a day. Two are from newsletters I should've unsubscribed from but won't; because they give me reason to check my mail.  One is to a job site I registered on while still in campus.  I want to leave that mail list because the one and only time I ever... Continue Reading →

The Comeback

I’ve been away for a while but now I am back. I want to tell you guys that I had missed you but Mercy stole that from all of you. On a Wednesday morning, cold, bored and hangover about the ended holiday she texts me a not so polite reminder. She reminds me that Friday... Continue Reading →

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