Mombasa Raha 3 

Let's talk about Salim.  Tall lanky man,  hunched up inside his tuk tuk. I can't remember if he adorned a Kanzu or he had a red t-shirt with Blue Jeans.  He spoke fast,  like his words could not wait to leave his mouth.  His voice was polished with a coastal eloquence and listening to him... Continue Reading →


I wasn't going to write today, still won't write today. It has just been one of those weeks. Work pressures stifled my creativity for a minute. Then late last night I got an email. A reader, maybe a fan too, asked if they could do a reply to one of my posts. Signed the smiling... Continue Reading →

Mombasa Raha 2

Travelling with friends is not like travelling alone. I respect people that travel alone. The guts. They carry around with them some chutzpah that says they are out to concur the world; them and their back packs. Lone travelers see the world from a different perspective, not through their own eyes but from the eyes... Continue Reading →

Mombasa Raha 1

It’s a hot Tuesday afternoon, I’m being a typical Nairobian and heading out for the two for one pizza offer. Here in Nairobi we live for shit like this, it doesn’t matter if the pizza is bad, or tastes like marinated ceiling board peppered with calcium powder, we will eat it because it’s cheaper. Also... Continue Reading →


Dating in Nairobi is like playing minesweeper, no one knows how to do it. Those that do are few and spread thin like a bachelor’s budget. So what we end up with a lot, and I mean a lot, is situationships. There are so many guys who have no idea what they are doing just... Continue Reading →

The Percentage

I wake up and it is around 6 am. It is a Saturday so the world is still asleep. I realize how much waking up without a hangover is worse than having a hangover. My body betrays me. I can hear a few of the neighbors stirring. I wonder what is going through their minds;... Continue Reading →

While you were away

It’s weird how you’ll be sitting at a restaurant, alone. Warm ambiance, walls decorated minimally with African art. They all seem to have African art nowadays. The wait staff lurk in the background until they are needed. They read your body language and anticipate a need. They are polite. They smile when they serve you.... Continue Reading →

The Githeri-Man Dilemma

Propelled to internet fame by a clumsy photograph of himself during an election, githeri man has instantly become a beacon of humor and good will in a country that is still hurtling away from a rocky election. An election marred with accusations, counter accusations, petitions, law suits and a widening rift among citizens with different... Continue Reading →

The Manicure

Welcome to my 21st century where masculinity has been broken down into a list of dos and don’ts and every day we have a new set of standards whose sole aim is to safeguard the perceived fragility of this masculinity. I doubt our forefathers ever had to deal with such trivialities. There’s was a matter... Continue Reading →

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