The Comeback

I’ve been away for a while but now I am back. I want to tell you guys that I had missed you but Mercy stole that from all of you. On a Wednesday morning, cold, bored and hangover about the ended holiday she texts me a not so polite reminder. She reminds me that Friday... Continue Reading →


Mombasa Raha 2

Travelling with friends is not like travelling alone. I respect people that travel alone. The guts. They carry around with them some chutzpah that says they are out to concur the world; them and their back packs. Lone travelers see the world from a different perspective, not through their own eyes but from the eyes... Continue Reading →


Dating in Nairobi is like playing minesweeper, no one knows how to do it. Those that do are few and spread thin like a bachelor’s budget. So what we end up with a lot, and I mean a lot, is situationships. There are so many guys who have no idea what they are doing just... Continue Reading →

The Chemistry of Music

“Where words fail, music speaks”

To Whomever it May Concern: Mat(Art)u Culture

To whomever it may concern, I don’t have any flowery salutations for you and your cronies. I believe you get enough of that in your offices swinging on imported leather chairs behind huge mahogany finished desks. Your chauffeur too ensures your ego is sufficiently stroked every day. When you walk out of your large mansion... Continue Reading →

Rainy Day Rainy Day

You’re looking out of the window over your laptop and it’s gray. The sky is a dull gray that fades into nothingness all the way into the horizon. There’s a few telecommunication masts and trees that dot the view. You can see the purple jacaranda leaves in between rooftops and the occasional lone bird flying... Continue Reading →

An Artist’s Brush

“Would you date yourself?” she asked. I don’t know where it came from but there was a steeliness in her voice and a melancholy that danced in her eyes from a distance. I could almost see the reflection of her broken spirit in her glassy eyes. It was not like me to be caught off... Continue Reading →

Truecaller says your name is Kennedy

I didn’t know the meaning of a global village until recently. See, I’m not the IT guru who wears squared spectacles, striped shirts and a trouser that barely touches the ankles with suspenders, bright polka socks and rounded brown shoes and my name is not Steve. My idea of a global village revolved around mud... Continue Reading →

Rack the Deejay

There's more deejays right now in Nairobi per square meter than there are bedbugs in Kenyatta university hostels. This got me thinking, what if the rackster was a DJ? You know: me and the wheels of steel (balls too) because let's face it I'd be disowned faster than a socialite who thinks gold digging qualifies... Continue Reading →

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