See you soon

I am tired. Just saying those three words feels like I have had a burden lifted off of me. But not entirely, just a little bit. Like I can’t even catch a break. It’s been one hell of a year, emphasis on the hell. But if you were to sit me down and ask me... Continue Reading →


Addicted to threesomes

When people give me a minute of their time I usually feel sorry for them. You see, I would not give myself a minute of my own time. But some brave souls out there see something in me and decide to indulge in my madness. W is one of them. How this whole thing started... Continue Reading →

A Man And His Thoughts

Can we talk about Dela for one minute? This feisty songstress with a voice woven out of angel moans. Is there anything right now in the Kenyan music industry that matches her appeal both on and off the mic? I don’t know about you but if Dela by any chance you read this; all I... Continue Reading →

The slay me 

Ah,  it’s Friday again.  How does the week fly by so fast?  Where is it in a hurry to go?  It’s not like it has anything better to do.  But here we are.  Actually for me,  it’s Thursday as I write this.  It’s been raining and the city has been a mess,  people hurdled under... Continue Reading →

Matching Socks having Sex

I have deliberately worn two mismatching socks, clean, and walked out of the house confident in myself. This is not even the worst of it, no. I have put on trousers that do not touch the ankle when I sit, those trousers that are a tad shy and show off your ankle cleavage (if you... Continue Reading →

I see you

On my desk in the office I have become a passive follower of the elections and whatever shit storm they bring or have brought. I have been following closely for a while now the happenings around the country, became distant to it and finally detached myself from the reality burying my head in numerous memes... Continue Reading →

Mombasa Raha 3 

Let's talk about Salim.  Tall lanky man,  hunched up inside his tuk tuk. I can't remember if he adorned a Kanzu or he had a red t-shirt with Blue Jeans.  He spoke fast,  like his words could not wait to leave his mouth.  His voice was polished with a coastal eloquence and listening to him... Continue Reading →

I wasn't going to write today, still won't write today. It has just been one of those weeks. Work pressures stifled my creativity for a minute. Then late last night I got an email. A reader, maybe a fan too, asked if they could do a reply to one of my posts. Signed the smiling... Continue Reading →

Mombasa Raha 2

Travelling with friends is not like travelling alone. I respect people that travel alone. The guts. They carry around with them some chutzpah that says they are out to concur the world; them and their back packs. Lone travelers see the world from a different perspective, not through their own eyes but from the eyes... Continue Reading →

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