Can’t Pay. Won’t Pay

The dating narrative was written years ago and is set in stone. It is as old as time itself - that is if you believe in time and have not been contaminated by all the quantum theories flying around.  For first dates, the man pays. Always should. Occasionally though, you might meet a lady that... Continue Reading →


Hidden Sighs

AN OPEN LETTER TO MY RAPIST.   Hey Pat, It has been 6 months, 6 billion ‘why’s’ that God is yet to answer. For the first time, am sending this same question to you Pat, why? Ok let’s start from here; I never in my 21 years of being alive (well, 20 since I haven’t... Continue Reading →

So We Cheating Now?

When bell bottoms came into fashion around the eighties, I imagine guys going crazy over them. And then maybe a few critics who did not buy into the idea of using their trousers to sweep the streets. They came in all sorts of designs. Not just the stripped colored one that Agie, the dancer wore... Continue Reading →

Ban Our Morals

It is okay to be governed by laws up to where a country is concerned. That is what the constitution is for. But when we get to a point where a person’s morality, which is often subjective, is used to operate a country’s mandate it becomes a slippery slope. Because there is no dictating what... Continue Reading →

Hit By A Truck

Age comes hurtling towards you like an out of control truck. And not just any truck. Especially not the ones you see on movies, with shiny glossy paint and majestic emblems sticking up in the air. The ones that are arrogant and go for photo shoots with models in hot pants. (Does anyone say hot... Continue Reading →

Mama… Give Us A Sign

Mid conversation with this chap he stops and asks me how old I am. Usually when this happens I’m either speaking like three hundred wise men or the bouncer thinks my beard (read goatee) is a stick on.  That I’m not old enough to patron a joint so they ask for some ID. It doesn’t... Continue Reading →

Mentor. Rinse. Repeat

The quickest way to die in this city is to hang around some older men that have tasted success and savored the flavor of having money. Sometime you call them mentors and you meet them for coffee at some high rise building where you don’t have coffee but probably something a little bit more bitterly... Continue Reading →

Not yet Men?

There’s something about a sensitive man.  A man that is in touch with his feelings. A man that views his femininity as something to embrace rather than hide. A man comfortable in pink. The same man that will have zero qualms driving a Nissan March, a car with more curves than a parabola, to his... Continue Reading →

Say YES to NO

There are different analogies when it comes to consent, analogies coined by men and women all trying to shed light on what sexual harassment and rape is. These analogies try to end a common misconception that sometimes consent is a blurred line. (I used to believe it was but I learnt that IT. IS. NOT.)... Continue Reading →

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