The First

So this is where I'm supposed to awe you all being my first post and all, hahaha I don't usually follow the norms so pardon my un awing nature. Either way been my first post, you could say I popped its cherry. Yaaay for me and to those who get what I mean. Just keeping... Continue Reading →

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Quickies in an Uber Chap Chap

Sometimes I write, sometimes I don't. But at least when I do I make sure it tries to compensate for my inconsistency.

Issa Wrap

Let's end the year and appreciate the people that have been instrumental to making it through.

Rack Rambles

I will call you bro or brathe for the umpteenth time, and if we do exchange numbers you will end up saving it yourself while I add a suffix based on where we met. Makes my life simpler but I doubt Marto wa Choo Roxxy would think that.

Let It Burn

It’s been mostly a sea of white and a blinking cursor, blank pages, and an even blanker imagination. The simplest way to put it is I felt like a wizard who lost his magic harboring the fear that it might never come back. Fear had me hiding behind excuses, afraid of ever trying again. Because what is a wizard without his magic?

Twenty Whatever

I had plans. Make a good dinner, pour some vodka, catch some HIMYM and of course because of adulting get some work done. I will let you guess what happened and what didn’t.

Banana Bread Anyone?

It’s raining. It’s been for the past couple of hours, for as long as I can remember from when I got to bed. Normally I’d cuss under my breath, because rains in the morning come with their own complications. Being Nairobi, it means only one thing, traffic. Ling traffic that snakes through the narrow flooded... Continue Reading →

Back Ashore

Intros are little pieces of shit. Those bastards are like cockroaches that fly. You might think you know what you want to put down then stare at the screen for seven years, make food, wash dishes, camp in Mount Kenya, slide into your crushes DM and then finally when an idea hits it disappears like... Continue Reading →

The Seed

This year this writing thing has been a burden. Something I felt like I needed to shed off. It was always on my back, heavy and unyielding. There were days I would wake up with inspiration, open up this old machine of mine that now has faded keys for all the hard typing, stare at... Continue Reading →

Randy Landi

In a wild reverie a thought came to me and I toyed around with it for a minute, you know how that goes right? You’re sitting at your desk, busier than a barista on a Monday morning. Papers lay on your desk, multiple tabs open. There’s a YouTube vlogger talking about why men cheat playing... Continue Reading →

Nutshell 2019

I like sharing random thoughts, more now in person than I do on the blog. A drink with me will have us talking Premier League, which I know nothing about except the team I support has bottled it more times than I have had sex this year, to matters depression and mental health. I don’t... Continue Reading →

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