The Seed

This year this writing thing has been a burden. Something I felt like I needed to shed off. It was always on my back, heavy and unyielding. There were days I would wake up with inspiration, open up this old machine of mine that now has faded keys for all the hard typing, stare at... Continue Reading →

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Off The Cuff: 1

It has been a minute since I did a piece on here. Listen life is good, It can be better but it definitely chose to get busier. A bit of catch up is I am starting to like wine. I will not however write about it passionately. That is my dirty little secret. So here... Continue Reading →

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The First

So this is where I'm supposed to awe you all being my first post and all, hahaha I don't usually follow the norms so pardon my un awing nature. Either way been my first post, you could say I popped its cherry. Yaaay for me and to those who get what I mean. Just keeping... Continue Reading →

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Randy Landi

In a wild reverie a thought came to me and I toyed around with it for a minute, you know how that goes right? You’re sitting at your desk, busier than a barista on a Monday morning. Papers lay on your desk, multiple tabs open. There’s a YouTube vlogger talking about why men cheat playing... Continue Reading →

Nutshell 2019

I like sharing random thoughts, more now in person than I do on the blog. A drink with me will have us talking Premier League, which I know nothing about except the team I support has bottled it more times than I have had sex this year, to matters depression and mental health. I don’t... Continue Reading →

A Bad Apple Spoils The Lot

Men are trash. This statement is particularly scathing. Why? Because guys like me look at it, read it, mull it over, let it turn over in our mouths like a sour ball so the tastes fill every corner of it and then dislike the bitterness and spit it out. This is because guys like me... Continue Reading →

The Butt of the Smoke

My fling with cigarettes started almost 15 years ago. It was nothing romantic, not like in the movies, where a cow boy tips his hat up, pops a Marlboro between his lips dangling them gently, flicks open a silver lighter and drags on the burning flame letting out a slow long puff followed by a... Continue Reading →

Beer In A Church

It is Monday, I am sullen and the Matatu I am in is blasting Rick Ross. An underrated rapper, because no one ever really looks past his weight and his groan. He is telling us that he wants to get buried in clean draws when he dies. Decent request if you ask me. You do... Continue Reading →

May your whisky never run dry

I assume God has a listening tool, like these social media ones. So that he seats on his throne, bored to death and listens as pings chime all over because people are busy mentioning him. That he sometimes ignores all of them because we can be annoying. In fact we are annoying. We are that... Continue Reading →

We need a mejja uplift

I don’t like writing about artistes because I am an artiste myself. If anyone were to write anything about me, even if it were nice, I would analyze every word. I would look for hidden meanings. I would print out the article and go over it with a highlighter and look for literary devices. I... Continue Reading →

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