Lady Red


The clouds had gathered and there were cold wisps of wind blowing through the open bar counter. A waitress sashayed her way towards me wearing the most adorable smile I’ve seen in ages. She had on a white blouse not completely buttoned exposing a white lacey bra as she leaned in to place the menu. Alice her tag read. The warmth in her smile felt like summer nights under a baobab tree she smelt like spring and her voice was as cool as winter.

She waited patiently as I pored through the contents. I had earlier been having drinks at the office courtesy of a workmate so I wasn’t looking to top up my blood alcohol level. Besides I was meeting someone – there’s this thing I have for first impressions that I take quite seriously. Drunk wasn’t one way I’d have liked her to see me. I settled for a burger – a cheese one to be exact.

As is with these kinds of things there’s always that anxious moment when meeting someone for the first time. Your phone rings and you immediately look down at it only to find a random message. It is scientifically proven that all these messages go ignored – I mean no one wants to be jittery every time the phone rings. So finally the phone rings and her name flashes across the screen. I secretly hope she is as beautiful as her name as I adjust the bow tie on my neck. Her voice is calm and collected but has a tinge of eagerness to it. She announces that she has arrived at our rendezvous and I go out to meet her. The chilly air stings my nostrils and I immediately pocket to avoid having to shake her hands with freezing popsicles. Taking a deep breath I walk towards the rendezvous. I call her just one last time so as to spot her in the midst of a sea of people. I needn’t have to I immediately see her. She is graceful, in a red dress and black flowing hair. She sees me too and smiles as we walk towards each other. I do not know why I even bothered to pocket because handshakes were out of the question. Her embrace was in a sense electric as we joked about the weather amidst my apologies for asking her to come out in the cold.

We make our way into the restaurant and just as we get in my food arrives. We cannot sit at the bar that’s for lonely blokes looking to drink all their troubles away so we make our way to a secluded corner partitioned by wooden frames with white linen. As we take our seats I begin nibbling on a few of my french fries mumbling apologies as the waitress, Alice, comes over to take her order.

“So you were to show me your video” she starts.

I laugh. I had made a silly video and somehow mentioned it to her over our conversations.

“You were supposed to forget about that” I suggest as I nibble on a few more french fries to qualm my now raging hunger.

I apologise for having my meal before her’s arrives and she’s quite understanding. Her heart is as beautiful as her face and I admit I was quite smitten. We smile over a few niceties here and there as she bursts into laughter over my video – that she finally watched. Her food arrives and for quite sometime we indulge. The sounds of munching punctuated only by the occasional question. You know what they say: if it feels like a date, talks like a date or walks like a date then it is a date. Well, not bad for a first date. The company was great. I mention that earlier on I had a bottle of soda drenched in whiskey. She gives me that look that says you’re not serious. I smile and point out my bottle sitting squarely in the cooler. We both smile as the waitress comes to clear the table leaving the bill behind.

We spend a few more minutes talking and the rain outside is pouring without relent. I’m glad I carried an umbrella and she admits to having one as well. It’s time to leave so I get up and get my soda bottle as we head out. Stepping into the cold again felt different. For some reason her company had this warming effect and all I could think about was the amazing time I had. Offering her a sip from my bottle she doesn’t hesitate. Handing it back I take a swig and this further warms me up. The conversation towards the stage is lively and it feels like we’d been friends for ages. I hated having to say goodbye but we parted ways after a light hug in the rain. I really hope I do get to meet her again.


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