Technicality Win

Its that time again, my fingers feel liberated. Time for some keyboard gymnastics.

Different people have different approaches on life, to some its a game while to others its a song/movie/soap. Surprisingly to some its a joke.

However, there is a common denominator in all this… ENTERTAINMENT. Regardless of your perception on life one fact remain its supposed to be fun. Yes it has its up and downs but then again people puke on roller-coaster rides.

Taking life too seriously is a mistake we often make. its an anonymous quote but someone once said why should life be taken seriously? No one survives it. Well i am here today as proof, every time i open my eyes and wake up, that is a battle won!

It does not matter if death will deal the final blow, I win on technicality because every single morning I wake up  that is a victory for me. Matter of fact I wont ever lose because to those that matter I will be a memory, haunting or good I will leave on and to me, well that’s good enough.


I really ain’t got much to say or write.

live life fuck regrets, live in the moment live for the moment, fear prohibits you.

have something to say? Say it, actions speak louder than words but I understand words better.

For me, well … keeping it real


and above all remember it ain’t a thing



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